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What a Saturday...Can I have some more?

0600 hrs.  
  • Get Baby Cakes and his buddy out the door for their sweat test run around the city and beyond.
  • First and only cup of coffee. 
  • Get studio organized...kind of.

  • Take a break.
  • Make 50K leather bracelet...take a break, and 100K leather bracelet while nursing Youthberry & Wildorange Blossom herbal tea.  Take another break.

  • Listen to PodCasts by Rice (like Lisa but with an R) interviews with Artist Suzi Blu and Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee while breaking. 
  • Daydream about all the cool things to make and about wearing a tutu.
  • Thinking about signing up for an online workshop.  Oh the things one can do with plaster.  Still on break.  Plaster Studio Workshop
  • Thinking about keeping this Doll from Amber Leilani instead of giving it away.

  • Torch fire enamel earrings.  Yum...Raspberry.

  • Three wrap leather bracelet for fund raiser.

  • Eat Crawfish Bisque. Now entering Nirvana.  
  • Nurse my soul mate after his 100K (62mi) run.  WHAT A NUT!
  • Fall into my subconscious for the rest of the evening.
Have a great Sunday!



  1. It sure was! I need more of those kind of days. I'm already exhausted and it's only Thursday! XO


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