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Helloooo...Is Anyone Out There?

Yes I know.  I have been off the blogger for awhile.  I swear I've been working!  ;)
I have been busy trying to find my own path and I think I have finally found it. Ha!  A lot of "I"'s in that sentance.   So that being said, what exactly have I been doing?
Participated in an Upcycle show at RHINO Gallery.

In this show we were to use at least 75% recycled material.  This piece was  inspired by the 43 students of Ayotzinapa that were taken on September 27, 2014 and presumbly met a violent death at the hands of corrupt officials and a drug gang. . The initials of all 43 students were etched into the .38 caliber casing.

I cried after comleting the piece.  It was so powerful to me. Designed and made earrings. Did a commission.
Annnd made one big pendant. Am I having fun yet?  
You're DAMN right I am!
I was so stressed out for the last probably two months.  Worrying about not having enough inventory for the market.  Worrying that no one will purchase my pieces.  Worry…