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2013...Are You Ready For Me?

Why...oh why do I not start early in the year to get ready for the end of the year?  
Back in January of 2012 I said to myself..."self you best start making pieces for the holidays."  Then it was summer, vacations, then all of a sudden dia de los muertos, and the next thing I knew it was Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving time was moving at light speed!  
And then it was December when my old skin started to shed.  It was time for change and it is something when you have help to transform.   I was given the opportunity to truly follow my bliss and it was something scary! 
"The old skin has to shed before the new one can come." ~Joseph Campbell
But first things first...
After Thanksgiving was my first trunk show ever!   I had no clue what I was doing but one thing was clear...I had to have inventory 2 weeks from Thanksgiving.  This is when anxiety sets in, and the entire studio is in utter chaos, and everything else in life gets ignored! That was a picture of only one …

Do Not Be Afraid...Come On In

Yours is to live it, not to reveal it. ~Helen Luke
Sometimes I get caught up in the game.  The game of striving for importance.   What do I mean by this? a kid I fantasized about being important, famous, or even rich.  I think for the most part we are taught that self-importance comes with having a great job (that pays well), a big house, nice car, and even kids.  These are some examples of success.
So it is not a mystery when this feeling crosses over into my art.  Sometimes I feel the need to think about what will sell.  To make pieces that EVERYONE will love and want but is this the objective in being an artist?  It is quite difficult to be in the minds of others and then trying to make things that the public would like but you yourself do not like at all!
So when I make certain pieces, that I have a blast making, but know in my heart that the general public would not like I feel guilty.  I say to myself that "I should not be making this or that" and need to ma…