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Electric FRIDAY!!! I go again.  Just this morning I was reminded that it was bill paying time.  I swear we just did all of that business.  Where does the time all go?  I cannot say that I remember much from the last week.  It has been a week since I spoke to you all last...right?  
Here is a recap... I strive for simplicity sometimes.  This is how I came up with this piece... These earrings were cut from a native New Orleans oak tree and set with three hand crafted rivets.  That way the person can have a little of NOLA with them.   That day was a tough one.  We cannot always be creative 24/7, yo!  I did have this idea in my mind for a while and the wood was sitting on the bench.  I was reminded of what a friend told me recently...he said, "make something...anything, and don't over think it".  So I grabbed the wood and went at it!   It was the only thing I accomplished that day.
I also had one awesome day where I started and completed a piece in a single day!  Like leaping tall…

Getting Ready For My First Art Market

First things first...

And what does one make for an Art Market anyway?
Post earrings? Dangle earrings? Hoop earrings? Bracelets? Pendants? Oops...I do not have any new pendants! panic ensues!!!
I guess the best thing to do is just make what one enjoys making and keep on swimming!  
I best get back to my bench... this is what it looks like at the moment.  It is constantly changing. 
I would like to know what you all do to get ready for an Art Market? I can use all the help I can get!
  I still need to work on my display and oh...make an earring stand!  That should be lots of fun.  I will do a post on that one real soon.  
I made one earring display out of some old wood from Mexico that a friend of mine gave me.   I like it a lot except that it can only hold 2 pairs of earrings!  Boooo!!!
 Back to the metal!   Here is to a wonderful week! ♥

On The Fly

Bonjour beautiful people!
I usually start off the year with big plans of making many pieces for the holidays.  Meaning for winter solstice!  I is at least 11 months away but before you know it, it will be the end of summer and then panic will ensue!  Hahaha!!!
My most recent piece I made was for that special lady who travels in a caravan with her 'Sisters on the Fly' group.  I only had a week to finish this project but the idea had been simmering in my brain for at least a week prior to the deadline.  
First the rough draft... I decided how big it was going to be and made a sketch with notes on what I was "planning" on doing.  So far so good.  You can see the cut out tin, a button for the wheel, and a glimmer of what will be the door.  That small window was cut out prior to cutting the shape of the trailer because it makes it easier than cutting it out later.  Trust me...I know!!!   The back plate (copper) was put through my brand new rolling mill, before …

Heello 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
"Today you are precious              and rare                    and awake.
Ask what you need to know now.              Say what you feel now. Love what you love now."
                ~Mark Nepo

Namaste Kalaya