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What to Eat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Eating in Mexico can be a bit tricky.

First you have got to know where to go and to know where to go you have to know someone who knows!  Second, don't be afraid to eat stuff.

1.  My morning ritual for the best tamales in the city.
2.  Then I'd pick up a smoothie which was down the street from the tamale stand and next to Luna de Queso Deli.  Oh and right next to Luna de Queso is a bakery place to get awesome bread!  You would miss it if I didn't tell you.
I was kind of freaking out watching him put fresh banana, and then papaya, but then came the frozen strawberries!  OMG!!!  Am I going to get sick?  But my friend said not to worry.  This is a good place to get your smoothie.  Okay surrrrre.

3. THEN we had a great meal at Diablo Panzon. Great service, food, atmosphere, and wine.   It was here that I was introduced to my first Malbec wine.  Nice! You must go here if you get a chance.

4.  Of course we had to go to La Mesa Grande for our pizza and say hi to old friends…

On My Way To See Some Of Mi Amigos

I'm going to try something new here.  Instead of posting a long blog about my adventures I'm going to break it down.  
Remember the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words.
So where to begin? In the Aeroporta of course!
That is the Aeroporta in Querétaro.
See me sitting there in the front?  I'm talking to some dude who lives in SMA.
I LOVE this airport because it is small and only 1 hour away from San Miguel.   I then hop on a shuttle and drive on over to SMA.
This way you can take it all in (although I didn't have time for that).  Honestly I was asleep for the entire ride.   What can I say?   I was exhausted from waking up so damn early that day.
So if you ever have the need to spend some time in San Miguel and skip Mexico City, then this airport is for you!
AND YES... I got searched AGAIN as I always do.   Why is that?
Have a great weekend everyone. Namaste