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Oh Goody!!!

Oh how fun to receive ephemera from random people.  Well...not that random.  He knew that I did art and gave my husband this to give to me...  
He found a bunch of old paper while fixing up an old house here in New Orleans. He said it was trash to him but maybe I could use it for something.  I say, "Hell Yeah"!  Oh...excuse me.  Sometimes I get carried away.  
Check out that ticket from 1876 and that picture of NOLA.  I wonder if the store front still looks the same.  I will have to investigate but I know that statue isn't there anymore.  I also have a Louisiana lottery ticket from the 1800's!  How exciting to receive such a treat.  I kinda have some ideas on how to use this treasure but  you will have to stay tuned to find out.  The creativity has to flow on its own terms.  Mixed Media here I come.  I'm thinking a collaboration is in order.  Hint, hint...
So for now I bid you adieu.  Have a fantabulous weekend. 

An Artful Evening

I love it when a friend comes over and all we do is drink wine and make art.  My friend Jacque came over last night and made a beautiful green pearl leather wrap bracelet.  She made a three wrap for her first go at it!  Talk about brave.  My first bracelet was only two wraps.   
All those greens are lovely.  I especially like the green leather.   Bravo Jacque!   When are you going to make a five wrap? You're a pro now baby.
That's about it for now.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Namaste Kalaya

Friday Morning

I try to get inspiration by checking out my favorite artists or finding new ones. Which then makes me totally exhausted and I end up not doing anything in the studio!  Oh...such is life.  Anyway, I had rediscovered RICĂ‹ FREEMAN-ZACHERY.  AND Rice is a whoelotta fun!  I had posted one of her books earlier, Creative Time and Space.   I've also been spending a lot of time with her on my morning runs and meditation...that is on her blog and her YouTube channel Rice's YouTube Channel.  That is where I discovered Kerin Gale.   It looks like an easy way to make molds for your favorite pieces.  Some people have asked me if I ever made any molds?  I did it only once.  But back then I didn't have a good source but Kerin's book looks like a good one.  I haven't had the chance to look through the whole book...I don't even own it.  But it's on my wish list.  
Have a great Friday!
Namaste Kalaya

Leather Bracelet...Five Wraps!!!

Bonjour!   Yes...I made yet another leather wrap bracelet.  In fact I made two this weekend.   Twelve feet of leather, thirty-six feet of thread and 3 1/2 hours later lies my first five wrap leather bracelet.  Whew!  Glad that's over.  The best thing when making one of these babies is at the end when you clip off the excess thread.  

A stone to bring one back down to earth.  I personally like to daydream so it's good that this bracelet is leaving the nest.  
Have a great weekend...what's left of it.
Namaste Kalaya


Here lies Skully.  This was one of my very first pieces in metalsmith class.  I sawed him out of 22 gauge copper.  He still has fire scale on him and is waiting for his day at the spa.  Can you see his flaming doo?  I got to stop taking pictures in the evening.
Happy Friday everyone!
Namaste Kalaya

Here I Go Again

Remember when I said, "Enough with leather bracelets"?  Well I'm back at it.  
I finished making two leather bracelets for a workshop promotion that yours truly will be instructing.      
Here is a one wrap bracelet made with leopard jasper.  I really like the patterns with this particular jasper but I tend to migrate to jasper in general.  This stone has a reputation for protection and healing powers. 

Below has got to be my most fav!  It is a three wrap made with Carnelian and carved bone skulls.  Carnelian has a reputation to give the wearer courage and protection...against lightning.  The Egyptians believed it would rid you of anger, envy and hatred.  
I took these pictures this evening.  Can you tell?  I hope to have a good picture taking setup soon.  I'll share with all of you how that turns out once I have everything set up.  So stay in touch!   AND remember... Tomorrow is hump day.  Yay!  
Namaste Kalaya

Torched Fired Enamel Head Pins

My first "How To Video."  I never thought I would do this but here it is!

 I wanted to share my findings with everyone.  Like I said earlier enameling head pins has never been easy for me.  Usually the enamel just bounces off the copper.  I guess it wasn't a love made to last.  However I think this time they may work things out and stick around.  LOL!
After balling up the 18 gauge copper ends I dip them into Thompson Enamel. Once the copper is covered in enamel I torch them using the end of the flame. I call it the fluffy part of the flame but it is basically at the very end. I'm heating the enamel slowly until it becomes red and then dip in enamel again. I do this at least three times. So far the enamel is not bouncing off the copper! Yay!
Have a great rest of the week.  Tomorrow is hump day so we are half way there! Namaste Kalaya

Mocha Dipped Dangles Anyone?

Happy Monday Everyone! I already wish it was Friday so I can experiment more.  But why rush the days? 
 I'm working on a series of "Dipped Dangles."  They are so much fun to make AND wear. Made with 18 gauge copper.  
The price of silver is outrageous and forcing me to shift to other materials.  However, the ear wires are still silver.  Don't want our ears turning green. 
I had torched enamel mocha on the balled ends.  The picture couldn't capture the color but trust me it is there. I think the reason it is so dark is because I burnt the color off.  The whole piece was then patinated and polished with a brass brush.  This is the prototype.  I would like to use heavier copper but I'm on the fence about that.  I don't like to wear heavy earrings.  Does anyone?  
So...this weekend I'll be making more Dipped Dangles with lots of different colors.
I also experimented with enameling different colors on balled ends of wire.  Which has always been a challenge for me…

Yay...It's Friday AND April Fool's Day!

My morning already started with a prank...ON ME!!!  That just isn't right especially since I haven't had my cup of coffee yet.  A cat in the house?  Really?  How did it get in here?  Anyway...
 I finished this last night.  I was all tangled up!  It was supposed to be a five wrap but ended up being three.   The stones are African Turquoise with carved human bone skulls.  It's really jasper but don't tell anyone.
I will be listing this on my Etsy some time this weekend.  
Okay...Enough with the leather bracelets!  I need to get back to metal smithing.   Here are some earrings I finished up last night for a client.  
I like the bird's nest on the ear wire.   The discs are about 1" in diameter and the silver was patinated to give it that rustic look.   Urban Chic?   Anyway after I spilled my patina solution all over the bathroom floor I threw in the towel.   At least the bathroom floor is now squeaky clean.
Have a great Friday everyone! Namaste Kalaya