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Counting Down to 2014

And so it goes... 2013 came and is on its way out.
I must admit that this year just blew past me.   This year I have... Participated in Art Markets Made new friends and spent time with old ones. It has indeed been a good year and now I look forward to 2014. But... before that lets look at what we did yesterday. Sam and Stepie #1 built me a draw bench.  Oh yes...I was in need of that because it requires a lot of force on my part to draw wire the old fashion way and I was not sure how long I could keep that up. My shoulder and back will now be saved.

A big gracias goes out to mi amigo's Jacque and Gary for my Wench.  She is AWESOME!

Have a great weekend everyone.

ॐ Namaste

Jack Frost Where Oh Where Art Thou?

Something is just not right when you have to wear shorts in December.  It is currently 80 degrees and I had to turn on the A/C yesterday.  Where in the world are you Jack Frost?!  No one is nipping at my nose!!!
Okay, enough of me ranting. So what is up with me?  Well I have been caught off guard.  I did not think I would be this busy but here I am... BUSY!!!
I have been participating in all of the holiday markets here in NOLA and it has been wonderful!  Seeing everyone out there shopping local and being able to talk to a lot of you.  What can I say?  It has just been ROCKING!
I have been in my studio as much as all possible starting in October.  It is funny because I have been telling myself since last February that there was plenty of time.
I have designed and made some new earrings...
Then I made some pendants...
Made gift tags.  Cause it is great fun! Decorated a tree with really cool ornaments. Then I started nesting... AND then I made some jars of crunch sweetness with a dash o…