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Authentic Self

It's almost a new year and it's that time where I look back to reassess my progress or journey as I like to call it.
Did I set out to get/do the things I wanted?
Were they the things I really wanted?
I find that the things I thought I really wanted weren't the things I wanted at all. How strange, don't you think?
I am changing, as we all are (hopefully), and in my attempts to be my authentic self you will find some things changing here.  It is my intention to share my experiences, my passions, my mistakes, and my discoveries.  
Let's start with Nick.  Nick Cave was introduced to me by Sam about two years ago.  Sam had purchased tickets to take me to see this guy.  Now I am not one to go to concerts and I will fight being around crowds and complain to NO END about not wanting to go.  However, I went and I literally could not take my eyes off of Nick.
He demanded attention and attention he received.   You should have seen him and all the hands in the crowd who…

No Mud, No Lotus

~Thich Nhat Hanh
I have always been atracted to the lotus flower and its symbolic meaning.  However, not until recently has it sprung up in my designs.   It has been my source on inspiration.

The one below is my new lotus rings.  I made 5 of them.   It's really good meditation and soldering practice.
When I look at it, it just makes me smile. The individual cells in the pod was my inspiration.
This next piece was also inspired by the lotus pod.  The picture of the lotus pod was (still is) hanging in my studio probably for a couple of years.  The design had always been inside my head but my skill wasn't seasoned enough back then to execute.  When I sat down to make this piece it only took me a day.
Inside I riveted an actual lotus seed.  Can you see it? The lotus inprint was made by using a rolling mill.  I handcut the petals, stuck them on to the metal, and then rolled it on through.
Have a great Thursday everyone!
_/\_ Namaste