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Loose ends...

You know how sometimes one has unfinished pieces hanging around?  Well, I have a bunch.  This particular piece has been waiting for me to try a new technique.  Pictured below is the front.  I wanted to make the backside matte.
When I enamel I usually like the glossy look but I wanted to try a matte finish.  I tried to use wet sandpaper 600 grit to get the matte finish but this is how it turned out.

It was very uneven.  I decided to give etching cream a try and this is how it turned out. Oh well!  At least it's the backside.  I was going to put it back in the kiln to fix it but sometimes you just have to stop messing with it before it's too late.  I'm going to have to do more experiments to try and achieve that matte finish.  Here is the final piece on a cable chain.   Live and learn.  Have a great Sunday!  

The mark of Spring

I was getting ready to work in the studio but I looked out the window and spotted a pink rose.  How exciting to see the first hint of spring.  The climbing rose outside our home starts to bloom after winter has passed.   This pink beauty was a studio stopper for me.  I had to go outside and snap a picture of what spring means for me.  Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.  Now back to the studio!

Discovering New Artists

I was introduced to Lucia Antonelli and Pat Flynn at the Patina Gallery in Santa Fe.  I fell in love with Antonelli's necklace.  It felt so good to the touch and the bead work must of taken forever!  Oh if I only could do work like that!  

Pat Flynn's anticlastic cuff bracelet was to die for!  Made from iron with 22K gold dust fused to it.  Beautiful!  But the amazing part of the bracelet is that it was light.  How can he make iron that light?   
Wish I took some pictures for ya, but when I'm out and about I forget about all of that.  Allison was great to talk to at Patina Gallery.  So if you are ever in Santa Fe go stop by Patina Gallery and take a look at all the yummy jewelry they have on display.

In and around Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Isn't it gorgeous?  Aaron's silver jewelry is done in the traditional Navajo style.  You can visit this link to see more of his work.  Spectacular!  To see more of his pieces click here.

Santa Fe inspired

Here are a couple of bracelets that I made.  I enjoy making the leather wrap bracelets.  It is good meditation for me and different from working with metal.  So far I've only made bracelets that wrap around two times.  I'm currently designing one that will wrap three times around the wrist.

Santa fe inspired turquoise bracelet with brass clasp.  I made this bracelet while in Santa Fe.  I should call it Santa Fe Blue.  Okay maybe not.  A stone of protection indeed.  Santa Fe has the ability to induce creativity.

Leather Workshop at Studio Turquesa

Teaching my first workshop!

This weekends workshop that I taught was a whole lotta fun!  I think I was nervous because I forgot how to make a knot with the thread.  After I got over my fear everything went smoothly.  Everyone finished their two wrap bracelet in 2 hours!  They were stringing like pros.  Good times with good friends! Gracias!

Lost in NOLA

"Bywater Blue" enamel pendant.  It was lost in the mail somewhere in NOLA.  I'm hoping to see it on someone one day.  Now that would be shocking!

More Stones

Sometimes I just like to collect stones.  I saw this fossilized coral and fell in love with the flower like design.  I think it would look great as a pendant or a ring. But one could just put it under their pillow to help them sleep and ensure pleasant dreams.  These were purchased from Heart of Stone Studio.