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Getting All My Ducks In Order

Happy Hump, Hump Day!
So far my morning has been pretty calm.  It is the calm before the storm.   I am currently getting ready for my first Art Market this Saturday...EEEEEeeee!!!
Yesterday I finished up making some torch fired enamel earrings.  First you must frost zee cake. Then you must torch zee cake. Now...listen you MUST play a bit! hahaha!!!  I kill myself sometimes! Okay now lets get serious...NO NEVER! I also worked on my booth display.
I decided to bring in the tables (after freaking out the night before) and play with my display.  Monday night I was trying to visualize my booth and how I would display everything and it just did not flow!  Maybe it was because I was trying to force things and that does not often work for me.  So I dragged the two tables out into the studio and went to work. You must imagine it with a chocolate cloth draping over the tables with a cream colored runner down the middle.  I do not have that yet but I am working on it!  Plan for f…


Does everything I make have to be great?
But sometimes it sure feels like it.  Every now and then this creature that is locked up inside of me comes out and starts whispering in my ear...pss...Kalaya,
that is not good enough... no one is going to like that... look, that artist work is better than yours... you really should be making things that are going to sell... maybe you should just quit...
AaaaHhhhhh!   So then I become paralyzed.  I question every step I make and end up not making anything at all.   And this is where I have been for an entire week. Full of FEAR!!!
How does one get out of it?  I have not a clue but after a week here is what worked for me.  First I had to talk to myself in letting go of the outcome.  To just roll with it and realize that it was going to be okay no matter what.  That is when I went to the bench and made a piece.  It sort of helped that it was Valentine's Day and I had nothing for Hobo.  Damn Hallmark for making me feel like this!  Hehehe!!! A…

♥Hail MUSES♥


What Big Prongs You Have...

Just a few days ago I finished setting two vintage glass cabochons from a friend.
First the sketch of the setting.  This is where I try to decide how big, what gauge metal, where the stone will go, and where the prongs will go but most importantly for me is what and where the bail will go.  I decided to use a riveted bail so I made sure to design the back plate for it.  
Okay...sawed the shape and center punched where the prongs will be placed.  I drilled holes so that an 14 gauge wire would fit nice and snug.   Next, solder, pickle, solder, pickle, and finally cleaning it up!  Yes...I had to solder a few times.  Sometimes those suckers do not want to stay put.  Not my fault at all!  hahaha!!!
Finally I get to patina, buff it up, rivet the bail, and now it is time for it to receive the vintage glass.  The setting of the stone or piece is always last.  Which means...this is also the point where you can mess things up!  
I placed the stone inside the prongs, and bent over the wire (hol…


I go to the computer this morning (my ritual) and read one of my fellow bloggers post.  I was saddened to find out Lorelei had to let Marley, her cat of 16 years, make that last journey that we all must make on our own.  Lorelei had to let the vet put Marley to sleep because Marley was in so much pain.

My heart was breaking for Lorelei during every word I read.   And it made me reflect on my morning...
where I was rudely awaken by my little dog, Cosmo.  Mind you that Cosmo is an old soul of 13 years and will be 14 very soon.  I lost my patience with him and raised my voice telling him to STOP IT when all he wanted was to cuddle with me.  I need more... PATIENCE!
So that will be my word for today.  I will strive for it and not just for Cosmo.   Here is a picture of my little Cosmo...

To read more about Lorelei and Marley you can go to her blog, Lorelei's Blog Inside The Studio.  Also, Lorelei is trying to combat her unexpected vet bill by offering 25% off in her ETSY store this we…

2013 Workshop...and the Journey Continues

Buckle Workshop August 23-25, 2013 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

It is that time of year again.  Register and come on down to Mexico for a three day workshop in Jesse Bert's personal studio.
Who does not want personal attention?   And that is exactly what you will get from Jesse and myself when you join us for this three day adventure.  Click on the picture in this post or the picture of the buckle on the right and it will take you to the 2013 Buckle's personal blog for the workshop.  
Hope to see some of you there!