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A New Tribe

So much has happened these past two weeks I don't EVEN know where to begin.
So let me start off by saying... dun...dun...DUUUUN... I have been accepted into RHINO Contemporary Crafts Company.   RHINO stands for Right Here In New Orleans. I am so excited to be a part of this tribe. Looks ominous, right? This was how it looked on my first day. Along with learning the ropes I had to also get my work in there.  Wait...what? I have to have inventory?
So I desinged some volcano earrings to mark the occasion because I'm going to be  EXPLOSIVE!!! LOL!  I just had to say that.  
These were made with antique roofing copper and fresh water pearls. Which led me into making a silver pendant. So that is the big news of the past couple of weeks.
I just finished making somemore volcano earrings with labadorite AND they are wicked cool!   Well, to me they are.   They have that irridescent glow to them and beckons the looker to come in closer. I precured those fabolous labradorite in Santa Fe, N…

What Does Your Belt Buckle Say About You?

I have NO IDEA!

I searched and searched for some cool historical fact to tell you but came up with

Except for it has evolved for 2000 years...blech.

I think it says a lot about a person though.  I wonder what social cues it gives off and if it gives off the WRONG ques?

I just finished listening to
'The Will To Adorn'
on NPR.  I would have liked it to be about why we adorn ourselves with jewels but no luck. is the last few processes of the buckle from last week.
Above I have from left to right, liver of sulfur (LOS), baking soda, and water.   I do the three dump method... Patina (LOS)Baking Soda (to neutralize)Water
I used to use the solid LOS but my envirnonment is just too humid and the stuff goes bad real quick.  So I use this gel LOS.   Liver of Sulfur  Extended Life Gel Buuuut...sometimes I use solid LOS just because. Here is the buckle all ready to be riveted.
So what does this say about the person wearing this?
It says he is pretty damn AWESOME! Anyo…