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Creativity Everywhere...

even in the kitchen! Before I continue let me just say the kitchen is the last place I would ever want to be.   That is my Hobo's domain.  My excuse is that I am a scientist and therefore, I cook all day in the lab.  However, in my search for healthy, good tasting food I have retreated into the kitchen.   Today I introduce you to a spicy hummus recipe my friend, Jacque (♥ her), gave me and it is so delish that I just have to share it with you all!   I have prepared it several times but with a not so good blender and it was most frustrating.   Today I will test out the... NINJA! First the ingredients... First I roasted my own pine nuts in an oven set at 400°F for ~5 minutes. Place the following ingredients in a blender... 2 cans chick peas drained (save the juice) 2 Tbsp tahini 1/2 c fresh lemon juice (I used ~2/3 or 3 lemons) 2 garlic cloves 1 large jalapeƱo (including seeds) 1/2 c roasted pine nuts Blend and add chick pea juice to corre

Show Me The Money!!!

I think these are the most fun things I have made this month or was that last month? Have you guessed what they are yet?  Yes, they are money clips made from brass and copper and found objects.   I think the hardest part of the whole process was cutting out the blanks.  Talk about arm fatigue and these were only 20 gauge! At the market someone asked if I made the one on the right out of a ruler.  Hmm...what an interesting thought but no.   I took a bullet casing and sawed off the top which is not for light weights.  I have to use the force to decide where I place my saw blade because being too far up means sawing more and who wants to do that?!  The reason being is as you move up the casing the metal gets thicker somehow.  Also, while I am sawing I often wonder if the casing is going to blow up or something which is totally ridic!   After sawing the blank I file, anneal, clean, and patina.  Riveting is always the last step.  I used hand made rivets to secure th

Getting My Feet Wet...

at Freret Market !!! Oh what a day it was... Music, cool weather, old friends, new friends, and just enjoying that journey. Getting ready for the market. Inventory    ✓  Tables  ✓  Tent   ✓ Display cases...somewhat checked Table cloths...not checked at ALL! I headed out Thursday morning to make my "chocolate table cloth". $60 to make it myself...NO!  Strike #1 Walmart...NADA!  Strike #2 Was I panicking?  Believe it or not I was not. Target...Oh YEAH! I wanted to try to keep my booth display costs as low as possible and that I did.  The cloths were on sale for $4!  Can you believe it?  Total cost for table cloths...$12!  Friday I spent a good bit of time ironing out those creases.  Who does that anyway? Now it was time for the market... 10 am...claim your spot and set up! That EZtent was not so easy but my friends managed to put it up with some help from some seasoned artists at the market. I decided to set up the booth op