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See Them Come...See Them Go

They are coming and they are going and you see them passing by. They are walking over here, they are walking over there...these are the dead.   How happy they are!
Hola everyone!   It has been so long since my last post and I have been busy like a little bee.  I have been pounding in the studio, showing at art markets, reading some books, learning Spanish, and hanging out with friends and family.
Did I mention that it is my favorite time of year so I just HAD to make these pretties... Both were at Coq Rouge Gallery here on Magazine and both SOLD!   Yay!  Muchas Gracias!!!
I posted most of my new stuff on my Facebook page so I am not going to be a photo whore and repost them here.  Well...I did post that above picture already on FB.  hahahaha!!!
Last week was my first Palmer Park Holiday Arts Market and it was a blast!
This week I have been busy trying to catch up on making some metal stuff and teaching a friend how to etch.
Phyllis managed to make two pieces!  She almost did not finish th…

Must I Retrofit?

Lately I have been having problems with phone cases.
First they design this nice phone but you have to cover it.
So you cover it but then all your jacks do not fit because the stupid cover gets in the way!

Headphone fits...Paypal card reader does not fit.
Paypal card reader fits...headphone jack does not fit!
So what DO you do?

Instead of returning the case I went to my bench and grabbed a round file and went at that $40 case. I widened the hole to fit my headset.  Crazy is it not? The jacks from the speakers cannot fit in that hole still.  I would have to widen it even more.
You would think that someone would figure this problem out by now.  I cannot be the only one with this problem or can I?   hahahaha!!!
And that folks is how the cookie crumbles!

Here is to a great hump, hump, hump day! ॐ Namaste