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World's End

I want to unfold.
I don't want to stay folded anywhere,
because  where I am folded,
there I am a lie.
~ Rilke
So...what happens when you drive straight south of New Orleans?  You pretty much end up at the end of the world what is known as Cocodrie Bay...
View Larger Map Hobo asked me to go to the end of the world with him and so I went.
This is what my eyes saw...marsh!  As far as the eye can see.  Every where you turned there it was.  Marsh is basically a floating mat.  This is the haven for many critters of the estuary.  I heard that fish from the depths of the gulf come to eat and spawn here.  I guess this is why it is important for us to save our marshes. We were at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium but most popularly known as LUMCON.  Why do we have scientific meetings down here?  Well...because there is nothing to do at night but to mingle with your fellow compadres!  hahaha!!!  Oh not forget to watch out for alligators.  They do not mind the salt water! So here …

South of the Border Part Tres

I think we were in the studio a total of three days (2 half days and 1 full day).  After all, we were in Mexico and cannot spend the whole week in the studio!  Okay...well...we could but there were places to go and people to see.  
First day... Like I said in an earlier post...the first day in the studio was a lot of looking around.  We decided that I needed a belt buckle since we were doing a workshop in November.  I could not go around without my very own buckle!
First decision was to decide on shape and size.  Second decision was what objects were going to embellish the buckle.  These sorts of details usually plague me for days.  I just cannot make things up on the spot!  I did bring along a skeleton from NOLA but that was it.  I then went to Jesse's stash of found objects looking for things to use. What in the world would I find in that bowl of found objects?  I guess what found me were two metal objects, a rusty thing and a tin thing.  I also wanted a stone so I snaked a Bavi…

Tinskulls Debut

Bonjour everyone!
I wanted to share some exciting news.  Tinskulls will be making their debut during Art for Arts' Sake this Saturday, October 6th at Adorn and Conquer Gallery, 2038 Magazine Street!!!
I will be there around 6ish so stop by, say hello, and stroll along Magazine.
Tinskulls were all made from found objects, hand made rivets, recycled LA license plate and Mexican tin.  So fun to make and wear!  Also, do not forget to stop by and say hello to Ms. Catrina by Raquel Jasso and Jesse Bert at Thomas Mann's Gallery.  Catrina has been waiting for this weekend since August!
I also want to mention that there will be a joint workshop with glass artist Ginger Kelley and Thomas Mann on October 6th-7th.  It is called..."Captured" Pendant Making.  Looks like pretty cool stuff!  Click here to find out more information.
I am so excited and hope to see some of you out there on October 6th.  I hope the weather stays as pretty as it has been these past couple of days.   Th…