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World's End

I want to unfold.
I don't want to stay folded anywhere,
because  where I am folded,
there I am a lie.
~ Rilke

So...what happens when you drive straight south of New Orleans?  You pretty much end up at the end of the world what is known as Cocodrie Bay...

Hobo asked me to go to the end of the world with him and so I went.

This is what my eyes saw...marsh!  As far as the eye can see.  Every where you turned there it was.  Marsh is basically a floating mat.  This is the haven for many critters of the estuary.  I heard that fish from the depths of the gulf come to eat and spawn here.  I guess this is why it is important for us to save our marshes.
We were at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium but most popularly known as LUMCON.  Why do we have scientific meetings down here?  Well...because there is nothing to do at night but to mingle with your fellow compadres!  hahaha!!!  Oh not forget to watch out for alligators.  They do not mind the salt water!
LUMCON picture by Gabrielle Ostermayer
So here is the thing.  I am not used to being out of the city.  So when I went to check into the place we were staying that night.  I was immediately uncomfortable!  I did not want to stay there.  I got into my car and drove off.  I started to think about making other arrangements but remember...YOU ARE AT THE END OF NOWHERE!!!  When all of a sudden a mosquito started attacking me.  It was trying to suck my blood and I was trying to kill her at the same time while driving.  When I looked up I was coming upon a curve and almost drove straight into the marsh!  How is that for a start of an adventure?

The mind can be a crazy place.  I had to start talking myself down instead of letting my mind get away from me.  I have been trying to be more accepting of my journey lately because you never know where it is going to lead you.  I decided to stay the night at the place even though my friends were making fun of me.  Saying things like the Loogaroo was going to get me!  Which is some kind of witch vampire who enters homes through keyholes or any kind of crevice it can find.  OMG!!!  But I did not let them psyche me out!  Oh no...I was going to be open to my journey.

Well...I woke up the next day still alive!  Yay!!!  

Hobo was already outside exploring and was gone for quiet a while.  I just knew he found something exciting!  I decided to go find him.

When I ventured outside it was the most beautiful thing I have ever felt.  The sun rise, the sound of water, and birds.  The thrashing of fish and movement of crabs.  It took my breadth away!  This was pure nature staring me down.  Saying this is where you come from...stay awhile and I will show you what beauty truly is.
Fishing dock
I met some beautiful people fishing on the docks with no poles.  Just a fishing line and some bait.  It felt almost primitive.  They showed and taught me the difference between a sheepshead and a drum fish.  I witnessed a cat giving her fish to a little kitten, ever so humble she was.

I even got to see how soft-shell crabs came into being thanks to Tommy.  Tommy owns the Sandpiper Inn where we stayed.  I only know about soft-shell crab when it comes to you fried on the platter! 
Soft-shell crab Picture by Hua Lu
The crabs all sit in a some sort of pen.
Crabs looking at me.  They walk from side to side really fast.  They are fun to watch.
Notice the blue color on their bottom.  This tells you that they will be molting soon.
Tommy has to check on the crabs every 1.5 hours for 10 months out of the year to see if they are molting.  The males protect the females while they are molting, then mate with them, and lets them go. Tommy moves the molted crabs he finds over to another pen and then wraps them up in wax paper and puts them on ice.  
Left over shell (bottom), soft-shell (middle), and left over shell (top)
Here Tommy shows us the stages of molting.  The crab leaves just about everything behind, even their gills!  I even got to touch it!!!  It felt soooooo soft.

This was the coolest experience ever!  

If I had not of stayed there I would of missed this whole experience.  To learn about the locals and also how to pick up a crab without being pinched.  When it came down to it...I did not want to stay because it was not fancy!  

Life as a Cajun/fisherman is not an easy one but it sure looks nice.  I am ready to pack my stuff and move on down to Cocodrie, LA!  
Those folks seem to know how to live.  

If you are ever in NOLA take a day drive down to Cocodrie, LA or better yet stay the night at Sandpiper Inn.  Tommy and Shirley will make your stay most comfortable. is not the most fancy place but it is the BEST place to be!

So glad I was able to unfold and move past my fear so as to appreciate life at full force...
Sunset at Cocodrie.



  1. I sure did! I want to move down there!!! Maybe we should do an Art Retreat? That would be most fun!!!


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