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Windy Thursday

Hola everyone! Where have you all been?  The days are flying right past me. This past week I have been working on commissions.   This piece was purchased many eons ago by a woman and it could not be found anywhere.  That is when they said, "Hey!  Maybe Kalaya could fabricate it for us."  Gracias ladies for thinking about me! And the challenge was to fabricate this piece.   And thinking I can do anything I said sure! After my brain mulled over this bail a bit it yelled out to me and said, "HEY!  You need to make up a sample young lady!".  Hahahaha...and I did just that. Can I get a not too shabby?!!! But here is the thing... I do not know if you can tell or not but that triangle jump ring is holding on by only its two little wires.   I am guessing if too much weight is put on this bail that jump ring is going to give. Anyway, I made two of these bails in silver (No pics because I forgot to take them.  :( ).  I used a pipe cutter to get