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Look What I Found...

Bonjour everyone!   It is Friday and Hobo decided to stay home to work today.  Yay! But that is not what I wanted to talk to you about. ☻ Have you all ever heard of Nancy Anderson? For those of you who do not know her, she is a collector of rusty things, dreamer, and an artist located in Colorado.  
I admire her sense of humor and playfulness in her pieces.  Just take a look at all those delicious rings! One day I will have a ring of my own.  I especially like this one... My soul is drawn to it for two reasons.  Can you guess why? 1.  Skull...of course! AND 2.  New Orleans coin
Oh...I digress.  Nancy has a new blog I wanted to tell you all about.  It is called Anglo Maiden and it is about her journey out west.  Go check it out if it tickles your fancy.  Her art is off the charts!
So what is on my agenda for today? I just finished up some yummy earrings rings for summer fun. Before... After... AND... I am working on something new and I am very excited about the whole thing and cannot w…

Re-purposed...Giving New Meaning To Old Things

This past few weeks I have been working on many things especially on my booth display.  I do not know about all of you but this is some serious work!  
I wanted to make my own earring display.  It looked easy enough.  Just take some dowels and drill some holes and place them in a base and VoilĂ !  Instant earring stand but drilling holes in the correct place on both dowels was a challenge.  
Scratching that project!
2nd Attempt I was given about 5 desk drawers over a year ago.  Hobo gave me the weird look when I accepted them.  He said, "Now what do you need those for?".  Well...I do not know but they are cool!  They are small drawers.  Look at that wood?  It has aged to almost perfection! Okay...this is scawy!  I will have to drill holes in this perfect, aged, old drawer.   I was bound to mess it up.  Before drilling into this wood I did a test run with a cigar box and figured something out.  One really should measure each hole from the top...i.e., I wanted holes 2" apa…