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Today is a special day...because two of my favorite people were born on this day.  So...Happy Birthday Nicole and Jesse!  Wishing you two the very best...ALWAYS!!!
Now back to creativity!!!
I picked up some labadorite and peridot stones a while back for a bracelet.  A particular design had been in my brain for quite some time.  I had all the get on with it, yes!? thing that paralyzes me is if the stones are high quality, and if I am using large amounts of silver, I become fearful of messing up, and so the stones just sit, and sit, and sit.  Anyway I decided that it did not matter if I mess up and jumped right on in!
First I had to make some silver end beads as a clasp. I liked how they came out.  They were about 1/2" in diameter, textured, domed, and patinated.
Then I wire wrapped a thousand beads with silver wire!  Ha...not really...only 100! Now it needed a little edge to it so some skulls were in order! That is better!  You can see the fire i…

Getting Stuck!

What does one do when if one gets in a creative slump?   You just keep swimming...that is what you do! Hehehehe!!!
Well...first you take pictures of your favorite herbal tea. I just love the color of the lavender.  
And then you go into the studio and do something...anything!
I started with this...

and ended with this... It did not come easy.   I must of wire wrapped over 50 carnelian beads!   The first 25 were not up to my standards and I got so frustrated...argh!  Sometimes you need a little help and so I spoke to my friend Sue and she gave me a little hint and that is all it took.  Then I was wire wrapping like a pro!   Merci beaucoup Sue!

And meet friends for coffee and talk about art and the ideas just pour in from there. 
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Someone Has Been A Very Busy Little Bee...

And it has not been me!  Hahaha!!!  I am just kidding.  There are lots of things that has been keeping me away from the bench these days.  
For one, I was recently invited to do a guest post on Love My Art Jewelry! exciting!  I get to share my journey with others.
two, working on organizing a workshop in Mexico!

Where in Mexico you ask?
In this really cool, old town known as San Miguel de Allende.
I am organizing this workshop with an amazing artist!   Jesse Bert to be exact and his home is right there in San Miguel!  It is going to be packed full of fun, adventure, and FUN!

Students will focus on the construction of belt buckles. Similar to this one (which you might of seen already)... and this one (which you have not seen already)... the back side because it is just as important... and this one... Is that carved ebony gorgeous or what?   Those examples are just to show that there are more ways than one to construct a buckle.  For more information about the works…