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Is It Original? Probably Not.

My latest and greatest. This cuff was inspired by my friend being in a group called The Amazons. So...what would an Amazon woman wear as part of her battle outfit? That's when I came up with this cuff bracelet.
The design was rolled on to the metal using a rolling mill with another piece of textured brass. I used my metal stamps, handmade by me, for the border.  The two pieces are held together with my hand made copper rivets.
Inside I drew a labrys, or double-bladed axe, a symbol of the ancient Amazon tribes, with an engraver along with other symbols. Is it original? Ummm....not completely.  I'm sure... no I know I was influenced by someone or something.  The thing is I just couldn't tell you from where or from whom.
Some people would like to tell you that a piece is original
but         is it? The eyes and the mind are like cameras.  Storing and then filed away whether we want it to or not. 

 Nothing is really original.

So I leave you with a quote by André Gide...


Being Creative...How Does One Get Better?

It's Friday and a good one at that. Mardi Gras is over and now I can finally relax and get back into the studio.

Yesterday I saw a post from a friend by Ira Glass that I would like to share. Who is that, you ask? Google and Wiki tells me he's a radio personality.  That is as far as I got. Anyway listen to his YouTube video. I am totally on board with what he said except would like to add something to it.
Something that I have experienced. For me the gap is constantly closing and re-opening.

I can make something were I'm like WOW now that was NICE and then there are days when I say, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? AND that is after 7 years of being a metalsmith. LOL! So the gap never seals shut for me.

The best advice anyone gave me and still gives me is to just keep making stuff. Regardless if I like where a piece is going or not I must complete it.
Sometimes those are the pieces people like the most.  Whaaaat? I wish I could insert emoticons.
There would be a dude scratchi…


This week I've been working on a gift to give for Valentine's Day but my mind gets in its way and says things like... it's more stuff, more clutter, and I don't want to give something to someone for it to become their burden.
GET OUT OF YOUR WAY ALREADY! Now I'm stuck on my own ideas, and my own judgments.  What's really going on here? Hahahaha!!!
Okay anyway, I came up with this design satisfying two needs.  One, the need to give, and second, the need to let go.
My partner in crime needed something to send in to a race called the BIGFOOT 200. So I designed this key chain.  He can decide to keep it or send it away. Either way my feelings won't be hurt.  It was a way not to attach myself to a piece or even an outcome. If that makes any sense at all?
Here is the process if anyone is interested. I think you can get it all from the pictures. Cut it all out, AND THEN just put it all back together. Kind of like Humpty Dumpty. I used nickel silver, tin, and brass riv…

Simple Pleasures

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long time. It's the new year and time for me to reflect and decide where my place is on this journey. I've decided to breathe and what a relief it has been. The studio is lukewarm but it's okay. No pressure on myself and just to move right along with the flow.
I made some earrings for my friend's birthday. Stephanie is from here and hope she doesn't mind me saying, didn't learn to drive until she was 17 or 18. How in the world did she get around in this city?
Well, she catched the bus of course!
We have always talked about our future and how our kids (if we had any) will hang out with each other and we will grow old here in New Orleans but then Katrina hit and 
she had to move away which broke my heart. 
So I thought it was fitting to make her some of my token earrings. Simple with so much connection to the city and to me.
Turquoise for protection... brass for healing... and  coconut for... Ooops...looks like I'm stumped there. HA!
Have a g…

Paper Mache Mask Workshop

Are you interested in making your own costume? Artist, Jacob Reptile Martin, is holding a workshop at New Orleans Center For Creative Arts.
Just thought I'd get the word out.  I learned this technique two years ago and it was like an epiphany for me.   The possibilities were endless as to what I could make and could even make it as BIG as I wanted. Check out this headdress I made... Is that awesome or what?
So if you are in New Orleans here is the link.  It's this Saturday from 1-5pm. Paper Mache Mask Workshop
Have a great week!
Namaste Kalaya