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Look Whose Strutting Their Stuff is the first day of spring. The spring equinox.
Where I will show you the same length in day, as in night, And reveal to you what has transformed from my pain.
My mom gave me this Amaryllis last year around Easter.  So when this baby started budding I knew that spring was near and he decided to open today! The first day of spring saying, "hey attention!".
So pay attention people and enjoy the first day of spring.
Have an excellent Thursday!
ॐ Namaste

Inspiration Where Does It Come From

Lately I have been having a hard time at the bench.  I found myself becoming frustrated and actually questioning myself and my art. Mardi Gras got in my way, Facebook got in my way,  and  I got in my way.
I had to step away from the bench and Facebook and go back to the things that mattered to me.  Go back to the things that inspire me...nature, reading, meditating, listening, and seeing.
I find that nature inspires me a lot with all its hidden geometry and so I collect pictures when I find it.  For example, this picture of green eggs on an old rusty metal rain gauge.  Merci Strathbogie Ranges for that picture. I thought green eggs would be a cool pendant  but  they turned out to be earrings just because  I got confused.   I had two projects going on at once (a pendant and some earrings).   If this is not proof of my inability to multitask I do not know what is?   Hahahahaha!!!
I have two markets coming up,  Palmer Park Arts Market Saturday, March 29th 10am-4pm
Freret Street Festival S…