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Been Gone Too Long

I have taken a long hiatus and am now just getting back into my normal routine  but this time without my studio mate Cosmo.   He passed away about a month ago while I was out of town and my heart literally broke into a thousand pieces.  I think my last post said I was busy taking care of him but no more.  So it has been hard for me to get back to work but I am trying.  His 16th birthday was last Friday.  I know he was old but sometimes you just cannot help but to think things will last forever when you know deep down that they really don't.  :'(
So...I started off slow and finished a commission.  Next was to start and finish making Pagoda Earrings to go with a Kimono of mine.  I also made a few more for the Arts Market tomorrow here in New Orleans. Next on the list was to make some enamel earrings for the summer.   I think I will call them Lunar Gum Drops. Nice, simple, and cool whitish green earrings for the summer.   I needed some of those to wear with my navy blue and fusc…