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Torch Fired Enamel Social

No...we did not torch anyone!
However, I did teach three lovely gals how to torch fire enamel yesterday.
The hardest part was deciding what color to use!  I seem to always want to use red. What is your favorite color? wait...purple!!!  (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
We sanded, painted, sifted, laughed, screamed, and fired! Their mission was to make a pendant to wear out the door.  Were they able to complete said mission?
YES!!! Now for the close ups! I was not able to photograph Leslie's piece well...booooo!!!  You have to see it in person.   It really looks fabulous!  
They all did a wonderful job at picking out what colors went well together and Sybil did an excellent job at torching her piece.  That was not an easy feat because it was HUGE but she adjusted!

Too bad I do not have pics of their sample pieces.  Those were really interesting.  I will have to do a better job at documenting next time but I was having too much fun!!!
Here are the ladies strutting their …

Unbuckled Workshop End of Summer Sale

Yay or Booooooo!!!   I do not know which.   Are you happy summer is over or are you sad?
One thing I do know is that it is supper HOT here in New Orleans and I could use a break from this heat!  That means it is time to head on down to Mexico!
There is a special for those of you who decide to sign up for the Unbuckled workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Step on the picture below to reveal the sale of the summer!
Here is to a great week!

Summer Days Drifting Away...

Bring back any memories...anyone?  hehehehehe!  
Well summer days are drifting away but memories linger and my step daughter wanted to make something  for that special someone.  She came home last night asking, "can you help me make something?".  Can I? is 7 o'clock at night and we have not much time but let us go into the studio and see what we can create!
We started with a focal round copper that I made many moons ago and some random beads...
So what do I do first? It was a lot of...what bead should I put on and how many and what order...blah...blah...blah! hahahahahaha! Look at her concentration!

Here is what we ended up with...
Used my etched bronze for the clasp.   Umm...why did I do that?  I should of used copper!  Booooo!!!!!
And there you have it!   It all started with that copper washer like thing that was patinated a long time ago and grew from there.
She did such a great job for her first bracelet! ♥ Here is to one fantabulous Friday!