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Torch Fired Enamel Social

No...we did not torch anyone!

However, I did teach three lovely gals how to torch fire enamel yesterday.

The hardest part was deciding what color to use!  I seem to always want to use red. What is your favorite color? wait...purple!!!  (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

We sanded, painted, sifted, laughed, screamed, and fired!
Hannah taking control of the torch!
Their mission was to make a pendant to wear out the door.  Were they able to complete said mission?

The finished pieces.
Now for the close ups!
I was not able to photograph Leslie's piece well...booooo!!!  You have to see it in person.  
It really looks fabulous!  

They all did a wonderful job at picking out what colors went well together and Sybil did an excellent job at torching her piece.  That was not an easy feat because it was HUGE but she adjusted!

Too bad I do not have pics of their sample pieces.  Those were really interesting.  I will have to do a better job at documenting next time but I was having too much fun!!!

Here are the ladies strutting their stuff!

They were so much fun to work with.  
Until next time.

Merci beaucoup for a lovely Tuesday afternoon!



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