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In The Mood For Some Voodoo

My muse has abandoned me.  For me I go through these phases of being uninspired.  It happens quiet frequently to be honest. I hear a voice and he says, Follow your bliss. But DAMNIT, Following your bliss is tre difficult and sometimes downright PAINFUL.
Okay, enough of that. It has been about a two solid weeks without being in the studio.  So yesterday I cleaned up the mess and was going to organize but then said to myself,  Self, you don't have time for that.  Get busy and stop procrastinating.
I managed to clear off the working bench and put back together my beloved lotus bracelet.  A good warm up exercise to start the morning.   Did you know that I did that?  It's kind of like working out.   Need to warm up them hands Baby before diving in.
I sat there for awhile before finally deciding to finish up a piece that was in the making about a year ago. I made this box using copper and sawed the back for a window to look through.  A piece of mica was placed on the back and then the fun part b…