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Can Shopping With Data Work For A Bohemian?

As I flipped though the New York Times I came a across an article.   Shopping With Data Beauty products from Birchbox.  Tony Cenicola/The New York Times Stitch Fix Basically you answer a lot of questions about yourself and a stylist will pick a set of clothes or makeup for you and ship it to your front door!  No need to waste countless hours in the mall sifting thought a bunch of clothes. I must say that I am intrigued with this BUT can it work for an eclectic artist? Maybe they could find a pair jeans that would fit me and a bra too!  Now that would be a miracle.  Hahahaha!!!  I would definitely pay for that. Don't get me started about bras! Ohhhhh to have your own stylist.  One can dream right? Hmmm...maybe I should start a monthly subscription for handmade jewelry? Nah...too much like work. Speaking of work, what have I been up to lately? Well I gave a salt water etching class which was most fabulous! Now they look like they are havi

Tools I Loathe!

Do you have any tools that disgust you? I DO!!! That is the Knew Concepts Saw.  Well one that I received 6 years ago. I could never get the blade in correctly.  I even purchased the knew FANCY knobs to replace the plastic ones that came with it.  See the pretty gold knobs? Beautiful! So it kind of just sat hanging as studio decoration.   Ooooooo...look at that fancy saw, it is pretty, it is light, AND no one seems to know how to use it! Now this saw has been by my side from the beginning. It is not as pretty AND heavy as hell!  Okay not that heavy but heavier then the pretty red one. OH WAIT!!! Writing this post has made me do yet another search on the Knew Saw. There is a VIDEO?!!! Mind you that there was no information back in the day about how to use this thing.  Just a poor instruction sheet that came with. You are going to laugh. Turns out you have to load the blade at the top first, then the bottom, and then adjust the tension! Well h