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Totem Token from a Friend...

I'm so excited!!!  I received this great Totem from Becky Burt last Sunday.  I have worn it everyday since then!    The piece is a great example of cold connections.   Materials are textured silver and copper, patinated copper, turquoise, and magnesite.   Magnesite's mystical properties is its ability to awaken the mind to communicate with the heart.   To see more of Becky's work click here .  Her pieces are so much fun with a touch of whimsy.  She is a local artist and friend AND will be making her debut at Jazz Fest this year!  Way to go Becky!   So if your in town stop by her booth and say, "Bonjour".   Merci Beaucoup, Becky!  I'm such a lucky girl. Namaste Kalaya

Why so Grim?

Happy Friday everyone! Here is my first attempt to sculpt.  Well, not really. I made a beautiful Sahara Cactus once when I was in 3rd grade.  And it wasn't too shabby either.   Here is Grim not being so grim.  I just couldn't make him dark and scary and I really tried! I made Grim with paper clay. I tried to paint some vines on him. Keyword "tried".   And I love his little feeties sticking out.   Amber if your looking don't laugh!  Okay, go ahead and laugh because I'm laughing.   My cactus was way better, at least in my memory it was. Have a great weekend! Namaste Kalaya


Being, Knowing, and Becoming Amulets of the Goddess Series This baby sold last week.  Yay!!!   The spiral is a symbol of being, knowing, or becoming.  For me it is all three and I tried to address this with the circles moving in a spiral direction.   My hope was when it was worn that it could serve as a reminder of being in the moment and knowing we are a part of this universe.  Which I forget every now and then. I had a great time designing and making this piece and hate to see it go but at least I get to see it every once in awhile.   Namaste Kalaya

A thousand circles...

Maybe not a thousand but at least 100.   I had to of cut over 100 copper circles on Sunday and textured some cooper using a rolling mill.  I think I've gotten quite good at cutting out circles now but at the end my arm got tired.  Instead of 3 whacks it took me 6 whacks at the end to cut out a circle.  It was time to stop.   Anyway I've been trying to design some earrings that look like the Maori Koru Leaf.  I found out that the Koru fern leaf is found in New Zealand and stands for new beginnings, growth, and harmony.   Here are some of my drawings. I like the left middle drawing.  How about you?  I must admit that I don't draw circles very well.  Since this is all new to me I decided to start off with copper and this is what I got. From left to right is my progression.  I would like to get a more smooth rounded shape.  I guess I'll just have to practice more.  If anyone has any tips I would be grateful for them.   Well that's pretty much it for this past weekend

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You better wear green today or you're going to get pinched! Especially if I see you.   I haven't been able to work at the bench since last weekend but there are all sorts of ideas in my head.  But sometimes they just aren't able to make there way out and it's so frustrating.  Argh!  Thank goodness for other people's blogs.  What would I do with out them?   Here's something green for you...   I made this baby last semester.  I sawed the top layer and then enameled with a beautiful green.  This was riveted to a textured piece of copper underneath which was patinated to bring out the wee little fleur de lis.  The solid brass escutcheon pins were difficult to rivet until I decided to anneal them.  Who would of thought?  You can see more pictures on my ETSY shoppe . Don't forget to wear green.   and Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, ♥ Kalaya

Torched Enamel Ear Wires

A friend had commissioned me to make some earrings out of brass by reclaiming some turquoise from another pair of earrings she had.  I haven't used any brass but I'm sure there is some in the studio waiting to come alive.  Yup, here is some textured brass that came from Thomas Mann's I/O Gallery on Magazine St.  I cut out a disc shape and torched it to calm the shininess of it all.   I had first used liver of sulfur but the color came out this pretty blue (not the color I was hoping for) so I torched it and this is the color it came out.  It brought some of the copper to the surface giving it an antique look.   Voila!  The finished piece.  Now for the torched enamel ear wires.  This was experiment no. 2.  Experiment 1 was Fall 2010 in metalsmith class.  The enamel kept bouncing off.  But now I got some advice from Barbara Lewis and her group of  pyromaniac artists .  The list is a great place for technical support. I torched enameled red on the balled ends of 20 gauge silve

The Sketchbook Project

Here is something interesting. Some 28,839 journals was sent out to Artists and less than 10,000 came back. It's almost like the 1,000 Journals Project by Someguy. The journals that came back are touring around the U.S.  Art journaling is one of my other passions.  I haven't been able to do any but I think about sketching in it everyday.  I have so many different journals.  I have a moleskin that I carry with me at all times, inspiration journal, an Etsy journal, experiment journal, and many more.  I can't seem to have just one!  Have a great Thursday. Kalaya

One Ring To Rule Them All

No, I didn't forge this ring in Mt. Doom.  It was made at Studio Turquesa.  A much happier place. I enjoy making rings out of half round silver wire.  I find it easier than sawing a piece of silver.  But the one thing I have trouble with the most is SIZING!  Getting the size right is a difficult thing for me but I'm getting better at it.  This ring was commissioned and is exactly 10 1/2 (the second time around).  I'm glad she was patient.  Thanks Marlene!     While I was soldering I kept the torch at one place way too long and behold Reticulation (basically overheating to give the piece a textured surface).  So I went ahead and reticulated the entire piece.  Sometimes a piece directs you instead of you directing it.  A lesson to remind me that I'm not in control.  Gotta love it!   KO Thread I just received my order of KO Thread from Bello Mondo.  I don't know what those strips are in the picture.  I'm guessing it's some sort of thread sample.  Anyway I'

Art and Science

The best of both worlds. I saw this video and thought that some of you would enjoy seeing this.  Pop-up books are so much fun.  I like anything that is interactive.  Where can I get one?

Making Time for Creativity

This is the book that I'm currently reading.  It's fun to read about how other artist's manage their time. I have enjoyed it so far.  Thomas Mann, one of NOLA's local artists, gives his tips in there as well as Teesha Moore.  Teesha is one of my most favorite artist. She works with vibrant colors and has been an inspiration when I was art journaling back in the day. Click here to see more of Teesha   I haven't finished all of it but will probably finish it tomorrow amidst all the chaos that's going to be here for all the parades plus Endymion!  Wow! Endymion will be uptown this year.  Yay!  Have a great weekend. Kalaya

It's Carnival time and Krewe d'Etat rolls tonight!

It's one of my favorite parades but I bet you would of never guessed. My other fav is Muses and yes I was out there last night.  Got a real cool leather tag for my trips away from home.   One doesn't go to Mardi Gras you become Mardi Gras.  See you out there! Kalaya