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Have You Eaten Uni Lately?

I absolutely adore sea urchins.  The shape, geometry, and texture of it all. So what would be the next step?  Well, to eat it of course!  After watching countless documentaries such as, Mind of a Chef, Spinning Plates, I'll Have What Phil's Having, Three Stars, etc...What???  There's a documentary called El Bulli?  Anyway, I have wanted to try uni.  However, I was too scared to try it by myself.  After all I needed to be with another person just in case I didn't like it.   Right?  So I passed on the Uni and had the Icelandic Char and salmon but I knew I would return for lunch. 
What I didn't know was that the Bird's Nest was not on the lunch menu. NOOOOooooooo!!!  But here's the thing.  Remember I said they were so nice in my last blog?  Well, the chef said he would make it for us!  That really warmed my heart.  I was so grateful especially because I know I wouldn't be back for a long time.
Introducing Bird's Nest... thinly sliced baby calamari with uni…

Rhythms...What's Yours?

After visiting D.C. for 4 days I have made some observations but I'll get to that later.  Let me set the mood.  It was an overcast day with temperatures in the lower 70s.  I'll take that any day to the hot days of New Orleans.  We stayed in the hood of Foggy Bottom.  Next to The George Washington University.

Day 1:  I have arrived! No I didn't take the monumental picture of the largest phallic symbol in the U.S. but I did get a picture with this gorgeous man.
Isn't he awesome?!  This was the best thing I've seen all day.

Day 2:  Oh Renwick.  You had me at your red brick facade!
Oh hello... An exhibit full of bugs!  The walls were washed with the blood of the cochineal.  You remember them right?  The bug that gave the world red?  Well...the artist washed the walls with it and it was pretty freakin' awesome.  I wonder how many bugs had to dye for this?
I was fascinated with this exhibit the most.  I'm thinking that bugs intrigue me.

I was on my own for s…