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Rhythms...What's Yours?

After visiting D.C. for 4 days I have made some observations but I'll get to that later.  Let me set the mood.  It was an overcast day with temperatures in the lower 70s.  I'll take that any day to the hot days of New Orleans.  We stayed in the hood of Foggy Bottom.  Next to The George Washington University.

Day 1:  I have arrived!

No I didn't take the monumental picture of the largest phallic symbol in the U.S. but I did get a picture with this gorgeous man.
Isn't he awesome?!  This was the best thing I've seen all day.

Day 2:  Oh Renwick.  You had me at your red brick facade!

Oh hello...
Jennifer Angus
An exhibit full of bugs!  The walls were washed with the blood of the cochineal.  You remember them right?  The bug that gave the world red?  Well...the artist washed the walls with it and it was pretty freakin' awesome.  I wonder how many bugs had to dye for this?
I was fascinated with this exhibit the most.  I'm thinking that bugs intrigue me.

I was on my own for supper this evening and stumbled upon Kaz a Sushi Bistro.  They were so kind there and fed my soul.  I tasted Icelandic Artic Char.  It was almost like salmon but had an amazing lemony taste.  I also had seared salmon belly w/lemon zest.  I felt like I was back in New Orleans for a moment.  It was peaceful at this reasturant.  I didn't want to leave but I did and left very happy.  Hahahaha!!!

Day 3:  On my own

Went to...
A must if you are in the city.  I spent a good hour in there.  They have a Frida!  I wonder when I will have one?  HA!  They have an exhibit going on there called She Who Has A Story.  It was pretty powerful.  Here is one that I took by Llla Essaydi.
Llla Essaydi
This sculpture captivated me.
I didn't get the Artists name.
All in all this museum actually gave me lots of ideas when I return to the bench.

I then decided to make the trek to Georgetown.  I've been there before but my goal was to go to Jewelers' Werk Galerie.  
This gallery had the most amazing collection of international artists in contemporary art.  I was blown away.  The greeting was a bit luke warm but don't let it stop you.  Their collection is worth it.  I couldn't take pictures inside.  I was too afraid to bother her but the gallery is lovely.  LOL! 

Day 4:  I'm Outta Here & Observations

I couldn't quiet put my finger about why I didn't enjoy DC too much.  I really meditated on it too.  It's full of art and I KNOW people want contact but I found them a bit distant.  No eye contact or anything and it was so NOISY.  I couldn't find any where for my mind to settle.  Coffee shops were blaring music and jack hammers...blah...blah...blah..So what was off?  I spoke to mi amor and he brought up the concept of beat.  He said that the beat may be different from what I'm used to.  Sort of like I was expecting something on a certain beat but Washontonians were meating that beat before I was ready for it.  Hahahaha!!!  I don't know if it makes any sense but that must be it.  Guess I'm used to more human contact.  Maybe it's not for everyone but here in New Orleans you will get eye contact, someones life story, and at the end of it you may get a hug and a kiss.  It can be difficult to be alone in New Orleans on days when you want it but I'll take it any day.    
Me and Frida

Have a great Friday!


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Have a great Friday!