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Two Simple Goals You Can Follow To Maintain Your Sanity

A bit cliché as my friend pointed out to me today but no matter.  It was fun and gave me a goal for this morning.  It is great to have a team to cheer for and Sunday we will cheer for Mexico!
Not much has been going on this summer.  I have a few short term goals. Being... 1.  Calm And   2.  Happy
Seems simple enough but can be difficult at times.  I have never heard anyone tell me that I should try to be happy or calm for that matter so I am changing things now.
My goals used to involve making a list of things I needed to accomplish in the studio and at home but to be honest this just stressed me out! Now my list everyday are those two things listed above. So when my mom asks me what I am doing today?  I say those two things.  I think she may stop asking me sooner or later but those two things are important to me, my mantra, and I truly believe if I can strive for those then the rest will just flow.
And this is where I am at these days.
I did apply for Convington Three Rivers in Nove…

What Do You Do With Kids During The Summer?

This is the time where I should be cranking away in the studio experimenting. but I am completely shut down for an entire month.
And to be honest it makes me cranky!
I have kids for at least a month in the summer.  They do not go to camps cause they are kind of old for that and they are constantly asking, "what are we going to do today"? Buuuuut... sometimes you can take opportunities like this to use them as guinea pigs!
An opportunity to hone in on my teaching skills.  I used to teach grad students in the lab so why not in the studio?
Stepie #1 is kind of a geek.  He is into all that Minecraft gaming stuff and decided he wanted to make a pendant for himself. This was his first time doing salt water etching.  His first etching experience was with ferric chloride.  That was when he first learned to saw. I love the colors we get after etching.
That picture above reminds me of the copper mines in Arizona.  It is called the Queen Copper Mine.  I never knew the name of that pit…

Mission To Complete A Commission


The deadline?
This Sunday, June 6th.
The plus side, I started already.  The downside, I JUST started!

But no worries.  I got this!

Last week I was working on some new pieces for my market last month but it got cancelled.  Oh well.

The New Science Series
Yes!  A new series of science related things and sayings, I had so much fun making these!

First prototype (below), I made out of aluminum.  Kind of too light for my liking but we will see. Then I made this...
How fun!  At least for me.
Do you have a science geek in your life?
Maybe it should be "nerd" instead?
I'll change it to Nerdy ♥.
What do you think?

Oh and then there is my Commission Mission!
All I need to do is make 10 award medals.  They are going to be key chains.
Check them out...
It used to be the Fest 100K and now has changed, in memory of our good friend who passed away recently from cancer, to
Tom Langston Memorial Fest 100K.
He will be missed dearly.

Okay, gotta get back t…