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I Ran the Western States Endurance 100 mile Run!

Bonjour everyone!  It has been forever since I posted last, however I have an excuse.  We went to Squaw Valley out in Cali for the Western States Endurance run.   And let me tell you it was stressful for me until my husband crossed the finish line. Forget about him.  This run was difficult for me!   It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend for me but instead I was on edge the entire 100.2 miles. 
There was this aid station that I was to meet him at called Robe Drive because I would run that last leg with him.  This is where the runners come out of the canyon into civilization.  We (Aunt, Uncle, and myself) had to park at the finish and climb 1.3 miles to meet him. It had been 27 hrs thus far since my husband started.
 We reached what we thought was an aid station but it turned out to be people in the neighborhood just hanging out and encouraging the runners for that last 1 mile across the finish line.   I don't think we could of been in a better place.  Those people were amazing.  

Follow Your Muse

I have forgotten how fun it was to work in my art journal. I have had this Mokeskin since last fall and it's pretty plain. I can't believe I've been walking around with such a Blah notebook.  Here is what I did to it last Thursday.  I have never felt so free.   

I want to do a little more to them to make them mine.  So, I'm not finished yet.
Here is an art journal I made from 140# hot press Fibrano paper years ago.  I drool over this paper.  It feels so good and takes up the paint well.   I made this art journal years ago and never really finished it.  That's how it is for me.  I start a project and then I leave it to go do something else.  I'm like a bat.  Flying everywhere!  I never finished this journal.  Meaning, I never finished binding it but thanks to Teesha Moore I finished binding it this morning and that collage you see was done this week!  Never throw away your old projects.  You never now when you will come back to them.  
That's it for now.  I nee…

You Can Do Everything Right...

and still get a bad result.
That's how I felt all weekend long.  It's that time in your creative journey and you stop and say, "Well, this sucks and I'll never make anything great".  I hear this happens to a lot of artists.  But here's what happened to me last weekend.
I'm trying to come up with a unique design.  So I'm sketching all sorts of things but I get Artist's Block. Then I realize I have to make a pair of silver hoop earrings.  Yay!  It get's me away from designing.  Making hoop earrings is pretty straight forward.   Cut four pieces of silver. Make a circle with each piece.Form circle. No gaps!SolderPickleReform circleMake sure ends are visible.
Sounds simple enough, huh?  Except for two of the hoops popped  open while reforming. AND I could still see the two ends.  Ugh!   I got frustrated.  And thus began beating myself up.  My mind was saying... You're not good enough.You can't even make a pair of simple earrings.Why are you even…

Farewell Night Star

Tonight I am getting Night Star ready for her journey home.  As I'm polishing her to make her all beautiful, I can't help but to feel a little sadness to see her go. 
 Night Star was designed in the fall of 2010 as part of the Amulets of the Goddess Series.  I had loads of fun designing the pieces. There were three in the set and now all three are with their Goddess.  
Night Star was the last to go.

I'm all for letting go but sometimes it's just so hard.   Hold onto Night Star while looking up into the night sky and make a wish. 

I Have Been Found! How Cool is that?

So it's Sunday and I'm just hanging out surfing the web when all of a sudden I see one of my pieces on Facebook.  I lean into the computer to take a closer look and step on the link.  I don't think I can tell you how giddy I was to be Etsy Nola's find of the week.  This is too cool!  
Merci Beaucoup!


Photek Digital Lighthouse

For some time now I've been struggling with taking pictures.  After all, I want you to experience the best pictures possible.  I originally purchased Photek Digital Lighthouse because the reviews were great but it was on backorder for FOREVER.  So...I bought this other brand of lighthouse because I'm impatient.   I was so disappointed AND it didn't take better pictures, at least not like I imagined.  It immediately went back.  Thank goodness they took it back.
So when the Photek digital lighthouse became available (only one) I snatched that baby up in a heart beat.  I fantasized that I would be able to take wonderful pictures for you.  Here is my first shoot with the Photek digital lighthouse.   What do you think?  Digital lighthouse or not?
Digital lighthouse...Right?
I think the colors came out beautiful with the lighthouse but I'm biased.  I'm liking this Photek digital lighthouse with Photek lamps. Finally a lighthouse worth buying!  The earrings are exactly this c…

Workshop at The Bead Shop

Happy Friday Everyone!

Teaching last night's workshop was a blast!  I was so nervous that I skipped my talk about beads and their mystical powers.  Oh well, maybe next time.

We jumped right in and set our first bead and before you knew it they were off.  They were a fantastic group of five.  Everyone was so relaxed and glad to be out of the New Orleans heat and it's not even our hottest month yet. I think we need Rice Freeman-Zachery's prayer to Mama Goode for rain.  I'm wilting here!

Here are some picture's for those of you who couldn't join us.  

I had a fantastic time last night.  Meeting new people, seeing old friends, and just having a great time in general.  Merci Beaucoup!  
Have a wonderful weekend!