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Fear Of Rocks

Hola everyone!

Here are some pictures of my last few days in San Miguel de Allende.

 There are rocks and then there are ROCKS...
On Saturday we went to go see some cave paintings and these rocks were massive!
I had to climb this...
to get to this...
Which was awesome!  It was amazing how well preserved the paintings were.
Here are the rocks we found along our cave painting expedition.  All the crystal you see was found by Jesse.  He has an eagle's eye!  Those black shard looking things are obsidian.

Then it was off to visit our friend Kim.  He always has the coolest things to share.
When we arrive he shows us a 300 million year old newly acquired fossil.  I have never touched something so old.  It stands 5 feet tall and in mint condition.  I asked Kim if I could have it but he respectfully said, "NO!".  Oh well, you never know if you do not ask!
Pictured below are 4 pieces of turquoise (pictured on the left) that I bought a year ago.  Pictured on the right is what I g…

For A Good Time Call...My First Few Days In San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

I am going to talk about something real scawy!
It is about visiting Mexico!  Now that is scawy!  hahahaha!!!

While Sam was off running around a volcano, on our second day, I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and playing with a new photo app.  Check out all these pics.
Well after about an hour of waking up and messing around it was time to get into the studio.  Let us see if I can remember how to get to Jesse's studio.  
Let the adventure begin!   Yes, you too can walk by yourself in Mexico.  Well at least in San Miguel.  I feel so comfortable there. Except for all those damn cobblestones!   I dread walking on those things.  I suggest good walking shoes.  No heels unless you want to snap your stiletto clean off! Pay attention...
go down that way, cross here, turn there, pass the taco stand (wait!  there are lots of taco stands), and go up there.
Finally!  I arrived.

Jesse and I had lots to do.
Well he had lots to do and I was only concentrating on one thing and that was…