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I'mmmm Baaaaccckk!

Yes I have returned from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico safe and sound! Was there any doubt?  hahaha!!! Oh how I have missed San Miguel and my friends who live there.   It is breathtaking when we round the corner of the hill as we approach the city and see the cathedral and all the lights below. I said to myself... Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
I have much to share with all of you.  However, I must get everything in my head organized first.  Which is not an easy task.  Ha!
I just wanted to drop a "Hola" and wish everyone a fantastic Friday.   ॐ Namaste

Getting It Done

"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama"
Like I said in my Facebook starts with a vision and then becomes a reality. I am sure this happens to most of you.  Friends and family just hand you stuff and say, can you make something out of this?
Sure...because I have the power!!!  Hahaha!!! In reality the object can, and will, and HAS sat on my bench for months, sometimes years until inspiration strikes.
My inspiration was my friend, Tysheena, turning 30 years old. At first I was given a guitar pick that she is currently using but me being all sentimental and stuff asked for something a little more personal. I said...How about giving me you very FIRST guitar pick? And so she did and it too sat on my bench for about a year.
When I make a piece I usually start off with a planand try to visualize how the piece is going to look like and make some notes.  I decided that I was going to get out of my way and just do it! Now comes execution... Sometimes the plan changes.   It does not…

It Is A Who Dat Friday And A Good Friend's Birthday!!!

So what does that mean? Here in NOLA it means you best be sporting your Black and Gold Baby!!! I certainly am... This is a dual purpose shirt.   Half Saints (football) and half Hornets (basketball) but they are not the Hornets no longer.  I will not discuss that right now but anyway I am showing my love! I should go venture outside to see how much love our city is showing today but it is just too HOT for that!
Anyhoo... what have you all been doing?
It is my good friends birthday today.  She is flirting with thirty!  Hahaha...Flirty Thirty...who came up with that?   I found this cute diy tutorial on sisterstuff blog which had me asking, now why didn't I think of that?
It is a bouquet of Blow Pops!!! Finding a box that would fit 30 Blow Pops was kind of a challenge.  At first it was becoming a bit overwhelming and then I said...self, just get on with it.  Stop over thinking this!!!  Once I did that everything just fell into place.  I used tissue paper and Mod Podge to decorate t…

NOLA Hot And Getting Hotter

Do you see that?  That is right.   It is 98 outside with 52% humidity!  Which makes it a whopping heat index of 102 degrees!   I must of been out of my mind when I decided to take a bus to downtown this afternoon?  Lucky for me I got picked up because I missed the bus.  Oooops!!!
Anyway I went to see my Stepies in action at the Contemporary Arts Center here in NOLA.  I went because Stepie #1 told me he had something for me to see.  In his words "It's badass and I need to show it to you!".  Hahahaha!!! He called it 'Zombeh'. I LOVE it!
You see, I do not stay in the studio 24/7.  In fact it is kind of hard to with life happening all around you.  How else am I going to get inspiration?
This past week I had to remake a ring because I made it a size 9.5 when it should of been a 9!  Gotta hate when that happens.   I am really diggin' these anticlastic rings.  What kind of rings are your favs?
I am also putting together some etching kits to get out to my friends.  …