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What A Mess...and I Have Homework To Do!

This is what my studio looks like after I exhibited  at the  New Orleans Mini Maker Faire. What a colossal mess, huh?
So now you know what I will be concentrating for the week besides homework.
Yes you heard me right. HOMEWORK!!!
I am participating in a workshop offered by the Arts Council of New Orleans called Artists As Entrepreneur. I am gaining new insight to so many different things and it is kind of  mind blowing.   For instance last night we learned about CV's, Bio, and Artist Statement from Deputy Director, Nick Stillman.   During his talk I was pushing my statement, bio, and cv under a rock. Really though I have new eyes and thoughts on how to work on all three to  make IT BETTER.
I leave you with these questions to ponder over.
Can we just make art? Is it necessary to put our art out there? Does it still exist if no one sees it? AND Why are you making the art you are making right now?
Have a great week everyone! _/\_ Namaste