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Fun, Fun, Fun, Until My Daddy Takes all My Rubber Stamps Away!

I spent quality time with one of New Orleans local artist on Saturday afternoon.  Ooooo....I got to peak at all her new stuff in the works.  I'm such a lucky lady!  We sat and chatted up a storm about life in the hot city, what it's like to be an artist, and what inspires us.  Well...what inspired us today was paper art.  I got to see Amber in action making some of her wonderful paper art.  She taught me some of her tricks but sorry to say that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of her doing her thing but maybe next time.   Let's just say Amber likes her glue.
Here's what I did.  
While Mr. Cash sat in his basket, which was on the table, looking at me occasionally but keeping his distance (because he knew I was allergic to cats).  I made this tag of my most favorite lady...Frida Kahlo. 1.  Start with blank tag. 2.  Stamp Tim Holtz Antique Linen all over the front. 3.  Smudge some Tim Holtz ink around the edges. 4.  Stamp background with words in brown. 4.  Glue Fri…

Au Revoir...

Happy Friday everyone!  
I thought I had an entire month to finish a piece but I didn't.  I only had until Friday, which is today!  It was time to stop procrastinating (which I do REALLY well) and get busy so I could send this baby on its way up north for a very lucky lady.  
Like I said in an earlier post I had to design a pendant with an Ankh. Erin gave me total artistic freedom.  Merci buttercup! Anyway...
The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Another theory is that the loop represented the sun rising above the horizon, which is the crossbar, and below is the path of the sun (The Ancient Ankh, Symbol of Life by Taylor Ray Ellison).  
Wow! So many different interpretations.  Which do you believe?
The finished piece.  
This was so much fun to make. What will I make next?  Stay tuned...but in the meantime have a FANTABULOUS Friday! Namaste


I have been commissioned to make a pendant.  Yay!  The only requirement was to use an Ankh in my design.  
Some of you have asked to see the progress. So just for you, a sneak preview of the pendant in process.
First the design.  The pendant will measure a little less than 1" in diameter.  I'm using the second drawing down on the left side.
Second, piercing the metal and attaching the bail.  I added just a little too much solder on the bail so I'll have to clean that up. When will I ever learn?  The Ankh will sit on top of the copper piece.
The back side.
All that is left for me to do is put it all together.  I have already filed and patinated and sealed.  Although I don't know how I feel about the sealing part.  It's some sort of polymer that keeps the metal from oxidizing.  I kind of like how the metal ages with time but not everyone likes that.  
I think the hardest part is figuring out what chain or cord would look best with the pendant. 
Have a great Tuesday!  


Did you know that pyrite contains a little gold?  


What Beautiful Beads You Have

Pyrite beads are so nice and SHINY.   Perfect stone for a five wrap leather bracelet to bring the wearer luck but I had some technical difficulties.  The inner diameter of the bead was smaller than the usual beads I work with.  I started out with a number 12 needle but the eye wouldn't go through the bead!  Off to The Bead Shop I go.  We try a number 15 needle.  Yay, it goes through.  Now if I could only see the eye to pass my thread through!  No luck. So now we try a collapsible needle.  Yay it works, but I no likey.  It's so flimsy!  Argh! 
I started the bracelet using the collapsible needle.  This is how far I've gotten.   13 inches and more painstakingly inches to go!  But it looks real sweet.  You should see it.  
If anyone is in the New Orleans area I'll be teaching another workshop in August at The Bead Shop on Magazine.  Come hang out with me and learn to make your own leather wrap bracelet. Now back to threading through the bead, around the leather, back through the…


Souvenirs From Life is celebrating its 1 year blogiversary.  So to thank everyone for their support Laura Twiford, of Souvenirs From Life, is having a give away.  What a great way to celebrate. What, pray tell, is she going to give away?
Double flush cutter by Swanstrom. Those of you who have been to my studio know I own a pair of these already.  In fact some of you have experienced the feel of the double flush cutter at Studio Turquesa and said, "Wow, these are nice".  
I have been using these for years now and they are the best flush cutters I have ever used.  However, they only cut up to 20 gauge bummer for me but I still LOVE them!
We can never have too many flush cutters.  To enter the giveaway here's what you do: *Post Souvenirs From Life's giveaway on your blog *Leave a comment at Souvenirs From Life's blog with contact information *Cross your fingers, or two, and hope your name will be drawn on Wednesday
Merci Buttercup Laura!
Good luck everyone and have a FANTABUL…


I know I should be working in the studio but I just can't stay away from the internet!
I enjoy finding new artists and their blogs.
This week I stumbled on to Rachel Pfeffer of Rachel Pfeffer Designs.  She also has an Etsy store Luckyduct.  What pulled me in you ask?

1.  Etsy Featured Seller
2.  Jewelry All Day Video 
3.  Rings

The video is what really did it for me!  She has a great sense of humor.  Which is obvious in her Jewelry All Day video.   Rachel lives in Washington, DC and blogs about her journey in jewelry, fashion, and other life experiences, and she's not afraid to share it.  SO...go find out what she's all about.

I love her sense of design. I especially like her rings.  How do people work with such small stones?

Look out world...Kalaya has been inspired!  Sizing seems to be a problem for me.  You think I would be good at it since I had to make at least 11 rings of all sorts of sizes and shapes in metalsmith class.  I guess 11+ is not enough.  The only way I will get …

The Booty

The Gem and Bead show came and gone and I went and spent.

There were so many beads I couldn't think.  I envy those people who get a whole basket and fill it up with all sorts of goodies.  
I went with a friend on Friday and bought some beads and then I went back today (Sunday) and my mom bought me some beads!  She so tweet! Check out our loot.   From left to right you have, carnelian, hematite, coral, magnesite, pyrite, turquoise, ocean jasper, and a mystery stone.  I never know what that is but I like it!  
So what did I do this weekend?  Did I accomplish any of my challenges?  I did finish some sexy hoop earrings but no picture.  They pretty much look like the others that I posted.  So I won't bore you with that but I did make a thumb ring, size 8 1/2.    TaDa!
But guess what?  Yup, that's right.  It's the wrong size. It's a size 8 3/4.  Did I mention how frustrated I get with making rings?  Just kidding.  I didn't get frustrated with this one.  I just made another…

Yay...It's Friday!

The weekend challenge is to make the following: One pendant incorporating a hummingbird.Pair of silver hoop earrings.One silver thumb ring.Sawing out an abstract drawing a friend designed and get it ready for enameling.BUT before I can start all of that business I must attend the AKS Bead & Gem Show.   We can never have enough beads, right?  
They will be at the Ponchartrain Center out in Kenner today until Sunday.  They usually have a nice selection of beads although last time it wasn't as nice.  I did manage to get a couple of strands.  Okay...more than a couple.  So go check it out and have fun!
Blogs I've been reading... I was reading Zom Osborne blog about The Cult of Stuff which lead me to Leslie Herger's blog.  Leslie started a blog about The Cult of Stuff.  Basically it's about all the stuff out there targeting our insecurities and making us believe that we need stuff to improve our art, house, and appearance.  It's everywhere! 
So I'm reading her blog an…

Ooh la la...

Hope you are all having a great weekend thus far!  Yesterday was packed full of fun. My friend Amber came over.  She taught me how to make a refreshing Caprese salad and then we talked on our favorite subject...ART and rubber stamps.  I think we both love rubber stamps.  
Anyhoo, she gave me one of her dolls!  How did she know that I wanted that one?  You can see more of Amber's dolls here

This is so exciting...I'm going to make a shadow box for her to go in.  
Merci Buttercup Amber!
Here are the finished Flared Hoop Earrings.

They were made with 16 gauge sterling silver.  I decided to flare some of the sections for a different look and tumbled for 9 hours to make them shiny.  Most of my friends own a pair of these hoop earrings and since these are going to another friend of mine I thought I would make them a little different.   
I like the flare because it catches the light just right and makes you look  Ooh la la!
Have a great 4th of July!