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Tools I Loathe!

Do you have any tools that disgust you?

I DO!!!

That is the Knew Concepts Saw.  Well one that I received 6 years ago.
I could never get the blade in correctly.  I even purchased the knew FANCY knobs to replace the plastic ones that came with it.  See the pretty gold knobs?
So it kind of just sat hanging as studio decoration.  
Ooooooo...look at that fancy saw, it is pretty, it is light, AND no one seems to know how to use it!

Now this saw has been by my side from the beginning.
It is not as pretty AND heavy as hell!  Okay not that heavy but heavier then the pretty red one.

Writing this post has made me do yet another search on the Knew Saw.
There is a VIDEO?!!!
Mind you that there was no information back in the day about how to use this thing.  Just a poor instruction sheet that came with.

You are going to laugh.
Turns out you have to load the blade at the top first, then the bottom, and then adjust the tension!
Well hell!  Why didn't they say that in the first place?

I was always taught to load the blade on the bottom first and then the top.  I was trained so well the thought NEVER occurred to me that I should do it the opposite way.  
As my old friend Karol used to say, "Fuser Error".  That meant that the user was a moron.  Actually it means something a little more harsh but we will just go with moron.  In this case ME!

My friend Karol passed away many moons ago and he is still well and alive in my head.  Oh the things we remember from old friends.

Thanks guys for helping me out.  
If it were not for this post I would have never googled it again for the 100th millionth time?  Is googled even a word?

Guess I will be using this KNEW saw in the studio now.  It's about time it gets off its ass and do something!  

Tell me the tools you despise and maybe we can figure out how to make it work.

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