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Authentic Self

Painting or Real?
It's almost a new year and it's that time where I look back to reassess my progress or journey as I like to call it.

Did I set out to get/do the things I wanted?


Were they the things I really wanted?

I find that the things I thought I really wanted weren't the things I wanted at all.
How strange, don't you think?

I am changing, as we all are (hopefully), and in my attempts to be my authentic self you will find some things changing here.  It is my intention to
share my experiences, my passions, my mistakes, and my discoveries.  

Let's start with Nick.  Nick Cave was introduced to me by Sam about two years ago.  Sam had purchased tickets to take me to see this guy.  Now I am not one to go to concerts and I will fight being around crowds and complain to NO END about not wanting to go.  However, I went and I literally could not take my eyes off of Nick.

He demanded attention and attention he received.  
You should have seen him and all the hands in the crowd who reached for him.  Hoping for that one gently touch or even a single brush from his hand or even a glance.

I was watching from the back center isle alone and connected to him for my part.
He has been a part of my life now for two years.

I could listen to Nick Cave all day every day.  

Here is one of my favorite songs written by Leonard Cohen and covered by Nick Cave.

Nick Cave's voice is so haunting.  Interesting how music can trigger an emotion.
Now that would be something to strive for in my work instead of being a pretty piece to adorn yourself with.  

I know most of the pieces I wear provide me with protection, some infuse me with power, and sometimes the piece can make me feel alluring.  However, the question is what does it do to the person who sees it?  So I leave you with this question.

Can a piece of jewelry invoke a feeling to those who see it?



  1. Thanks for sharing, that song it is very haunting. I know of Nick Cave from the Bad Seeds days but have never really listened to anything by him since (apart from the song he did with Kylie). He lives up the road from me in Brighton and lost one of his sons in the summer to a tragic drug related accident.

    I think jewellery is like art and can affect everyone differently. I'm hoping to create some masterpieces (we'll see!) in 2016 :D

  2. Thanks for reading. I was so sad to hear when Nick Cave's son died. I thought it was from a climbing accident though.

    I think you create masterpieces all the time. :)

  3. ooohhhhh! when you said you knew Nick Cave, this is not the Nick Cave I was thinking of. thanks for putting this video on your blog and introducing him to me.

    and I wonder the same thing about jewelry. I think what I choose says a lot about me and for me and I'm always amazed that so few people even notice/pay any attention. one of the reasons I wear that rattlesnake earring is that it makes noise when I walk and reminds me that "I am here" and it also connects me to a wilder part. I traded some of my long hair for it to an Indian at a pow wow and he now wears my hair on his regalia. so a little part of me is dancing all over the U.S.

    1. YES exactly! What you and I choose says a lot about us but what does that rattlesnake earring make someone else feel when they SEE it? That is what I wonder about. I'm sure it invokes a thought like, "damn that girl is weird" but I want to make them feel something. Like a longing or sadness or even a smile when they see it. I guess kind of like what my Choking the Chicken and Then Some earrings do. :)

    2. Oh I forgot to mention Alison. Very cool that you traded some of your hair for that rattlesnake earring. I think I may have been hesitant to give some of my hair (Voodoo stuff you know) but find it so fun to think you are dancing all over the U.S. :)

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