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Electric FRIDAY!!! I go again.  Just this morning I was reminded that it was bill paying time.  I swear we just did all of that business.  Where does the time all go?  I cannot say that I remember much from the last week.  It has been a week since I spoke to you all last...right?  

Here is a recap...
I strive for simplicity sometimes.  This is how I came up with this piece...
These earrings were cut from a native New Orleans oak tree and set with three hand crafted rivets.  That way the person can have a little of NOLA with them.  
That day was a tough one.  We cannot always be creative 24/7, yo!  I did have this idea in my mind for a while and the wood was sitting on the bench.  I was reminded of what a friend told me recently...he said, "make something...anything, and don't over think it".  So I grabbed the wood and went at it!  
It was the only thing I accomplished that day.

I also had one awesome day where I started and completed a piece in a single day!  Like leaping tall  buildings in a single bound kind of thing.  I drew out my plan and started to execute.  I have to admit though that the piece evolved in its own way.  That can be scary at times.  Only because you can ruin the piece in a single blow!  Hahaha!!!

But all was well.  Here is the final piece.  All the pieces are made from recycled materials.  That heart was made from some piece of a stop sign I found on the streets of New Orleans and a Tibetan crystal dangles from the end.  I call it a love amulet.  Oh yeah!  
Let me see...what else has happened.  Oh I got introduced to picMonkey, a photo editor!  It is cooler than slice bread!  It is a way to make collages with your pictures in all different kinds of formats.  Why have I not been introduced to this earlier?  It is like some super secret site!  Check it...
I also got into a fight with my Polaroid Pogo printer!  It does not work with my iPhone or my computer (it use to on the computer)!  WTH?  I needed this to complete the bracelet that is set to go to Thailand this Monday!  Ugh!!!  So I threw it on the floor in some crazy attempt to make it work...but it did not!  It did work on another phone...Droid. this a reason NOT to get an iPhone?  Discuss!
Last night I finished the bracelet.  I learned the hinge technique from Richard Salley.  He totally ROCKS!!!  LOVE him!!! new glow in the dark earrings!!!  Is that electric or what?
I also tried to make a tutorial on how to make S-clasps but that is another story.  :)

Well that about wraps up the week for me.  All of the pieces, except for the bracelet, will be available at Adorn & Conquer on Magazine Street.  The earrings are available in my Etsy store.  

Have a great Friday everyone!



  1. So, so much eye candy in this post.
    As far as your printer problems go, I can't really help other than say that it deters me more from getting a Polaroid printer than from getting an iPhone. Of course, I LOVE my iPhone. . .

    1. Yeah...lots of pics on this post and I too LOVE my iPhone but every now and then I think about dumping it! Especially when it doesn't work with something as cool as the POGO printer. Hehehe!!!


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