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Introducing El Maestro Jesse Bert

Usually I post on Fridays but I did not know that Friday already passed.  It is great not knowing what day it is.  What a blissful life. Ha!

I just finished taking a workshop with visiting artist, Jesse Bert, last week at Thomas Mann studioFLUX here in NOLA.  It was pretty amazing! I do not think I have the words to describe my experience.  There is so much I want to share but I will try and keep it simple.  So...let me introduce you to El Maestro.
Jesse is originally from the U.S.  Although you would not have guessed it. Anyway one day he followed his heart to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato in Mexico and decided to stay and to never return.  Just kidding, he does come back to visit the states every now then.  What a romantic notion to runaway to Mexico, hmmm. I digress.   

Jesse likes to incorporate recycled and found objects into his sculptural pieces.  I particularly like the details you see on every single piece. Which are unique only to him since his tools were created by him personally.   
Silver stamped by hand, torched fired enamel, ivory recycled from antique piano keys, antique bakelite by Jesse Bert  
The workshop that I attended was about making tools.  To be honest I do not know why I wanted to learn how to do this but the universe just has a way of speaking to me.  So I signed up.
Watch those fingers Staci!
Here are the tools that I made with help of course.

The second day we forged.  We made this tool that is primarily used to do tin work in Mexico.  Oh how fun to wail on something.  
Getting our frustrations out on an inanimate object.
Jesse, Angele, ME, and Phyllis
My fork! the end of 3 days what do I have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing!  I rarely have a completed piece at the end of any workshop.  Well...I should say, "I NEVER have a completed piece" but Phyllis did.
Phyllis - Que lindo!
Phyllis's final piece.  AMAZING!
Those of you who missed Jesse's workshop: Mexican Stamp and Tool Making, can take it this July at 92Y in New York.  Jesse also teaches at his studio, across Mexico, and in the U.S. To find out more go to his website here.

Thomas Mann's Gallery located at 1810 Magazine Street has a Special Exhibition showcasing Jesse's work.    Click here to get a glimpse of what is currently there but the gallery has much more.

The journey was sweet.  

Walk lightly even though you feel deeply.




    1. Ahhh...I Love You Too and I LOVE that picture!!! Yeah you right, Phyllis. Jesse is a lot of fun! XO

    2. Nice blog Girly! Your work is very cooooollll.. you may make something with a skull for me anytime..really love those and the red heart is very nice. Take care and I hope you enjoyed Jazz Fest..your art sister--Phyllis


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