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Getting Dirty

I am experimenting with this new app called Diptic.  I used this app for all the pictures you see on today's post.  It was real easy to use and I like that a lot. I like it especially for when there are going to be lots of pictures and this post will have lots of pictures!

Here is my Valentine's gift for my valentine this year.  I decided to make a piece of wall art which I have NEVER done.  Yay, a challenge!

Basically I took a piece of wood, applied gesso, painted, and was going to mount this paper clay heart, that I sculpted, on top.  It was all ready to go when I decided that it needed MORE!!!  

It needed dimension.
It needed a top, a bottom, and some wings.  But how does one attach such things?  That is when plaster came to mind. I will make the parts out of card board and then use plaster wrap to put it all together. Looks easy enough.  Thanks to this book by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise.

I used masking tape to attach all the parts, cut the plaster wrap in sections, dipped them warm water (one piece at a time) and started applying.  It was real easy to work with.  After the plaster was dry I drilled two holes to fit a 16 gauge wire using E6000.  The poem was written into the plaster.  I think deciding what colors to paint was the most daunting task of all.  Gold leaf was placed on the wings.

After all the painting it was time to mount the parts.  I tried to incorporate some of my metalsmith skills.  There is a rusty bottle cap with a skull, Of Course, and copper sheet with "mi corazon" stamped on it.  Mi Corazon was mounted with brass escutcheon pins which were difficult to hammer in.  Why?  I do not know.  Finished the back with a quoted poem and now all ready to give away.

Lots of fun making this piece.  Part of me thinks it needs more but the moment was gone.  While making the piece ideas were rolling in but then after a while it just stopped.  That is when I stopped.  Maybe one day inspiration will strike but until then it hangs for all to see.

Have a great Sunday!


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Every now and then a little elf steps into the studio while I am working and starts asking these annoying questions.

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Namaste Kalaya

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These are available now in my store.  I've been updating the site on a weekly basis.  So come on in and see what's new.  Have a great Friday and remember to have fun and breathe!
Namaste Kalaya