Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Production...Duction What's Your Function?

Every now and then a little elf steps into the studio while I am working and starts asking these annoying questions.
What are you doing?
Why are you wasting your time working on that?

He (yep the little bugger is a "he"), I shall name him Doubt, infects my mind from time to time.  
This all happened last Friday while making some of my New Orleans'  Token pendants.

So I reached down deep inside me to think about the "why".  I thought about it because I was running towards something else and resisting the moment.

As I sat there at my bench working on this particular token pendant here is what came to me.
New Orleans Token Pendant
These particular tokens were minted in 1947 and 1970.  They differ only on what is said on the back (1947 - "One Base Fare" and 1970 - "One Cash Fare") .
 The ones I use for my pendants are minted in 1947.  

I do not clean them up.  Instead I examine them, hold them, turn them over in my hand, and then begin my work.  
I do not clean them up because they carry the terroir and energy of the city.

Imagine how many hands these tokens must have touched.  These tokens traveled ALL over the city well into the 1970s. Sitting there in the money box inside the street cars, being handled from the people here, and soaking up all of the cities energy, 

becoming charged...
becoming a
This particular pendant is going to a native New Orlenian who is about to move to another city on her own.  I find this very admirable.  Leaving your native city at a young age and going to a place where you know NO ONE!



I get this overwhelming wave of emotion.  
When she feels alone or fearful all she need do is hold it in her hand, this talisman, and she will not be alone.  
She will have New Orleans with her always.
This is why I make these tokens of mine.  I did not realize I was making a talisman.  That is what is so great about this journey.  
For a long time I have been fighting on making production work but now I realize something.  If I am going to make production work then whatever it is I have to have a love for it and I do love me some talismans and amulets.  Anything to increase positive power or ward off that evil eye.  
You never know when one is eyeing you!  

It is a talisman for anyone, native or not.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Color Your Life

Oh it's that time of year again.  Where I get all excited because dia de Los Muertos is around the corner.  It's that time when the spirits of the dead come for a visit and I make sugar skulls to remember.

I usually do my traditional white sugar skulls but this year decided to add some color to my life.  After all, dia de los muertos is about celebrating life, remembering the dead, and nothing expresses life more then color!
Getting ready to be fired.  It's like making cookies.  I just want to eat those skulls!
The colors were all inspired by those skull beads you see EVERYWHERE!
Howlite Skull beads
If you look closely at the picture below you can see the enamel in sugar form.
Calaveras or Sugar Skulls
These are available now in my store.  I've been updating the site on a weekly basis.  So come on in and see what's new.  Have a great Friday and remember to have fun and breathe!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

For The Love Of Bees!!!

Did I ever tell y'all that I absolutely adore bees?
I think they are the most amazing beings on the planet. this moment I did.  I saw this piece of furniture at University of British Columbia outside its bookstore.  I'm like cool man.  What is this?
This totally inspired me.  Yes I looked inside this tiny cells to see if anything was inside but to my disappointment no.

I heard a woman say, hey look at that.  I bet there are bees inside.  Hahahaha!!! 
No silly woman.  Tricks are for kids!  hahaha  Cute...very cute that she thought that.

This piece of art/furniture sparked curiosity and that is the AWESOMist thing EVER! 
But what is more cool is THIS...
Did y'all read that?  Shrooms helped make them.  What a great collaborative endeavor. 
How long does a piece of furniture like this last?
I have no clue but talk about impermanence. 

So there you have it folks.  The future awaits.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Life's Little Wonders

It has been awhile hasn't it?

I have been in Vancouver, BC for a week now escaping New Orleans heat.  This is sort of my reset.  I've been lost but this is a normal occurrence.  I get off my path only to find my path but then get off again.

I'm thinking about the ACC show in San Francisco thinking I should go since I am so close but here I sit.  In my flat overlooking downtown.  I cannot go into coffee shops here because it is a tad to loud.  Definitly not what I'm used to.  You see New Orleans is a small big city and there are plenty of cool coffee shops to hang out and ponder.  There are times that I actually think my hood is too loud.  I will shout.  How can I work with such noise!

I found this little guy in a field of green while walking downtown.
I plucked him out of the ground and then felt guilty about it but told Chi that I would like it if he would walk with me home.  I will take him on a journey.  I was so delighted as we walked to the bus stop but all of a sudden a breeze came out of nowhere and that is when Chi decided to let go.  I stood there and shouted...NOOoooooo...
but then watched every little seed take flight.  
What a powerful visual for me to witness .  It just let go and said, bye...gotta go and do what I do. little magic of the day.  I just had an idea.  I would like to collect some of these seeds.  Is that a bad thing?  I would be preventing them from becoming.  Hmmmm....I must ponder this now.  Preferably at a quiet coffee shop.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Have You Eaten Uni Lately?

I absolutely adore sea urchins.  The shape, geometry, and texture of it all.
So what would be the next step?  Well, to eat it of course!  After watching countless documentaries such as, Mind of a Chef, Spinning Plates, I'll Have What Phil's Having, Three Stars, etc...What???  There's a documentary called El Bulli?  Anyway, I have wanted to try uni.  However, I was too scared to try it by myself.  After all I needed to be with another person just in case I didn't like it.   Right?  So I passed on the Uni and had the Icelandic Char and salmon but I knew I would return for lunch. 

What I didn't know was that the Bird's Nest was not on the lunch menu.
But here's the thing.  Remember I said they were so nice in my last blog?  Well, the chef said he would make it for us!  That really warmed my heart.  I was so grateful especially because I know I wouldn't be back for a long time.

Introducing Bird's Nest...
Uni is tucked away inside.
thinly sliced baby calamari with uni, quail egg, and drizzled with truffle-soy sauce.  It looks so delicious!  Will it be everything I dreamed about?

After the first bite I knew why they served this in the evening.  It was very rich, buttery even and I will fall asleep immediately!  Is that egg sexy or what? 

Mi amor said that the uni tasted like sweet bread.  Are y'all familiar with sweet bread?  He enjoyed the Bird's nest tremendously.

Did I like it?  Let's just say Uni isn't my favorite but that Icelandic Artic Char is!  Hahaha!!! 

Alright signing off for now.  If you are ever in D.C. be sure to check out Kaz in Foggy Bottom.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Rhythms...What's Yours?

After visiting D.C. for 4 days I have made some observations but I'll get to that later.  Let me set the mood.  It was an overcast day with temperatures in the lower 70s.  I'll take that any day to the hot days of New Orleans.  We stayed in the hood of Foggy Bottom.  Next to The George Washington University.

Day 1:  I have arrived!

No I didn't take the monumental picture of the largest phallic symbol in the U.S. but I did get a picture with this gorgeous man.
Isn't he awesome?!  This was the best thing I've seen all day.

Day 2:  Oh Renwick.  You had me at your red brick facade!

Oh hello...
Jennifer Angus
An exhibit full of bugs!  The walls were washed with the blood of the cochineal.  You remember them right?  The bug that gave the world red?  Well...the artist washed the walls with it and it was pretty freakin' awesome.  I wonder how many bugs had to dye for this?
I was fascinated with this exhibit the most.  I'm thinking that bugs intrigue me.

I was on my own for supper this evening and stumbled upon Kaz a Sushi Bistro.  They were so kind there and fed my soul.  I tasted Icelandic Artic Char.  It was almost like salmon but had an amazing lemony taste.  I also had seared salmon belly w/lemon zest.  I felt like I was back in New Orleans for a moment.  It was peaceful at this reasturant.  I didn't want to leave but I did and left very happy.  Hahahaha!!!

Day 3:  On my own

Went to...
A must if you are in the city.  I spent a good hour in there.  They have a Frida!  I wonder when I will have one?  HA!  They have an exhibit going on there called She Who Has A Story.  It was pretty powerful.  Here is one that I took by Llla Essaydi.
Llla Essaydi
This sculpture captivated me.
I didn't get the Artists name.
All in all this museum actually gave me lots of ideas when I return to the bench.

I then decided to make the trek to Georgetown.  I've been there before but my goal was to go to Jewelers' Werk Galerie.  
This gallery had the most amazing collection of international artists in contemporary art.  I was blown away.  The greeting was a bit luke warm but don't let it stop you.  Their collection is worth it.  I couldn't take pictures inside.  I was too afraid to bother her but the gallery is lovely.  LOL! 

Day 4:  I'm Outta Here & Observations

I couldn't quiet put my finger about why I didn't enjoy DC too much.  I really meditated on it too.  It's full of art and I KNOW people want contact but I found them a bit distant.  No eye contact or anything and it was so NOISY.  I couldn't find any where for my mind to settle.  Coffee shops were blaring music and jack hammers...blah...blah...blah..So what was off?  I spoke to mi amor and he brought up the concept of beat.  He said that the beat may be different from what I'm used to.  Sort of like I was expecting something on a certain beat but Washontonians were meating that beat before I was ready for it.  Hahahaha!!!  I don't know if it makes any sense but that must be it.  Guess I'm used to more human contact.  Maybe it's not for everyone but here in New Orleans you will get eye contact, someones life story, and at the end of it you may get a hug and a kiss.  It can be difficult to be alone in New Orleans on days when you want it but I'll take it any day.    
Me and Frida

Have a great Friday!

Friday, April 8, 2016

New Orleans Mini Maker Faire


I hope y'all are having a great Friday.  I was busy getting ready for the Maker Faire this weekend but now I am done and ready to roll.

I will be demonstrating torch fired enamel and teaching the little makers how to stamp/texture metal.  In between getting things ready I made this.
Life's too short. 
So go ahead and tell me something!



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